Learning To Sing Better With Clear Voice Vocal Spray

Learning To Sing Better Is Easy

Learning how to sing better has never been easier.  Whether your an experienced performer, getting ready for a singing audition or taking your first singing lesson, a smooth clear voice is essential to your success.  In addition to learning to sing better, you also need to know how to prepare your voice for the best results.  Clear Voice vocal spray will help keep your voice ready to perform at its best and on demand.  Great for singing at performances, singing lessons and auditions!

There’s no need to take chances with a sore throat, having your voice crack at just the “wrong” moment.  Clear Voice vocal spray helps to smooth your throat and your voice, enabling you to belt out those tough high notes with crystal clarity.  So for your next singing audition or performance, take some advice from the folks below and read what they have to say about Clear Voice Spray.  Learning to sing better is just a matter of having the right tools to keep your voice silky smooth.






“…Especially when singing in extreme vocal styles, Clear Voice not only lessens the strain put on your vocal cords from night after night of singing- it relieved the strain put on your vocal cords due to colds, allergies, and rigorous touring.”
-Cristian Machado (Ill Nino)

Jimmy cliff





“I use Clear Voice when I sing, whether when I’m in the studio or on tour, it  really works!” —Blessed Love, Jimmy Cliff—

Scott Bernard




“Whether in the studio or on stage singing with Kenny Loggins, Clear Voice helps to keep my voice in top shape. I do not leave home without a bottle of Clear Voice in my guitar case!” -Scott Bernard (Kenny Loggins Band)

 AJ Brown

“With Clear Voice I am able to perform night after night, keeping my voice in perfect condition. I can really concentrate on the performance.” -AJ Brown (June)

Wayne Static

“Clear Voice helps me scream loud and clear” -Wayne Static (Static-X)

droid droid

“Clear Voice is the best thing for my voice when singing on touring night after night.” -James Eason (Droid)

chris cote

“I’ll never get a raspy voice during a webcast again, this stuff is legit!” -Chris Cotè (Transworld Surf Editor and Chief, Host & Musician)


“I am the front woman and vocalist for the band Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer. I have tried many different vocal remedies such as lozenges, tea, vitamin c packs, and sprays, but Clear Voice is the only one I believe to be effective and soothing.”
-Rachel Minton – (Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer)

“It really does battle “dry throat syndrome”. it soothes …as the vocal coach on American Idol, Clear Voice gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me.” -Dorian Holley (American Idol vocal coach)

Bio Photo

Former Miss America-Ericka Dunlap is a FIRM believer in Clear Voice! Currently pursuing a country-music career in Nashville, TN…Ms. Dunlap uses Clear Voice before every session, performance and EVEN speaking appearances “I LOVE Clear Voice! I use it before EVERY vocal performance and even before speeches! It is the only product that truly gives my voice a clear, warm tone.” Ericka Dunlap Country Music Artist & Miss America 2004 www.erickadunlap.com

The Morning Of

“I first used Clear Voice While recording our new CD “The World As We Know It”, the constant late nights and long hours left my voice feeling tired and worn. I sought out a vocal spray and came across Clear Voice at a local music store. I used Clear Voice and found that not only does it make my voice feel stronger, it really relieves any scratchiness that comes from the long hours. Since the recording I’ve introduced Clear Voice to Jessica Leplon the female singer in our band. We both carry honey-lemon Clear Voice with us on tour to relieve the strain of singing night after night.” The Morning Of Justin Wiley & Jessica Leplon


“I have been using Clear Voice Vocal Spray for the past 2 years. It has saved my voice in many occasions and has helped me perform well above my expectations in times of need. Having toured heavily over the last 2 years, I have grown accustomed to the use of Clear Voice. Clear Voice is the total package for keeping my voice moist in the most drying of situations. Whether it be allergies, overkill of the vocal chords, or even being sick, I’ve depended on the use of Clear Voice. Clear Voice Vocal Spray keeps my voice in tip-top condition!” (Nate Smith) Mercy Mercedes

“With my extremely aggressive vocal style I’ve always had an issue keeping my voice moist and strong. With Clear Voice my vocals stay stronger for longer! I highly, highly recommend this product to any and all vocalists no matter what your style is!” -Jesse Sin, vocalist from Untapped Market

“Clear Voice works wonders. Period.”  All But Empty – Hance –

“Your product was an absolute life saver to the cast throughout our first production.  And now, as we are heading to the Edinburgh Fringe and will be performing over 30 shows through the month of August, we know we will be relying on your product once again.” Alyson Challoner

“I used Clear Voice for my first show and the results were astonishing!  I hit notes easily on stage that were harder for me in rehearsal, and I had confidence and ease.  It felt like so much fun to sing!  I tried another throat spray later on, but Clear Voice worked so much better.  Thank you for supplying such a great product!”   -Maura M. – Kiss Me or Kill Me

“Wow!! I just got this stuff yesterday and it works really good.”  -Mike Riddle- (X’s for eyes)

“I am a vocal coach to many stars including John Travolta, Janet Jackson, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Tyra Banks and currently Drew Barrymore and Hugh Jackman. I tried your product today and found it remarkable!” -Bob Garrett (vocal coach)

“I’ve used [Clear Voice] every time I’ve gone into the studio the last few months and I’m sold on this product.  It is absolutely amazing and I’ve recommended it to every person I know who sings.”  -Len Jennings

“A friend introduced me to your product and I found it startlingly effective!”    -Jerry Stephani

“Your stuff is awesome.  I barely had time to warm up this morning and was sick and had to go to rehearsal.  It worked sooooo well.”  -Francesca

“We’ve been using your spray for 4-5 months now and we swear by it.  Playing 3 sets a night, sometimes 3 nights in a row, often in dry and smoky conditions, we needed something like Clear Voice to keep us going show after show.” -Kevin Garvey