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Determining The Best Voice Therapy

Voice TherapyVoice is the sound produced by the lungs and the vocal folds located in the larynx. Currently, voice problems have become more and more common globally which calls for a pathologist (voice professional) to conduct a speech therapy by taking you through a guided change in your vocal behaviors. In addition, there are a variety of methods used to treat voice disorders which work differently from one patient to another. By the end of this article, you will be more conversant on how you can determine voice problem, causes and how to recognize quality voice therapy.

Causes of Vocal Problems

Some of these causes include the misuse and overuse of vocals, larynx cancer, and neurological diseases like vocal fold paralysis. When one experiences heartburn also known as gastroesophageal reflux, it results in inflammation which affects the voice. In cases where vocal nodules have grown in your vocal folds or if you have experienced physiological trauma, chances are, you might encounter voice problems. In such conditions, your voice will become raspy, deeper and you will find it an effort to sing or talk. At times, you might find yourself clearing your throat severally which will be quite painful. At this point do not hesitate to seek medical attention to receive a diagnosis for any voice disorder.

How to Determine a Quality Voice Therapy

The effectiveness of this treatment is determined by both therapist and the activeness of the patient. The doctor will first assess the depth of the problem and to see how severe it is, and this will determine the duration of the healing process. The doctor will make adjustments if need be and direct you to a particular exercise that you will practice regularly at home. The activities are meant to change the voice reeducating the muscles to improve your voice. In normal condition, the treatment consists of 2 to 3 sessions per week and lasts for 4 to 8 weeks. As a matter of fact, a good voice therapy will work in hand with your medical insurance provider when it comes to payment services. Therefore, it is good to check out your purchased policy from your insurance company, since most of them vary especially the private insurance companies.

Where can you get a professional pathologist?

You can simply use the internet and read some of the reviews from previous patients concerning a particular health center well known for their experts and services. Alternatively, you can ask for some references from your friends, doctor, or people who encountered similar disorder. This is very imperative since it builds your confidence as you invest your money in such treatment and avoid being scammed by various health care with fake services.

The primary goal why any individual with voice problem should look for a quality voice therapy is to attain a natural voice that is more effective allowing you to be yourself with out any discomfort. The changes in your voice behavior and the exercises are meant to stability as well as easing your voice. Based on the long-term benefits, it is, therefore, paramount to always go for quality services.

How a Home Remedy for Sore Throat Saved the Day

A nightmare in the making: you are going to give the biggest speech of your life when your throat starts to feel scratchy, then sore. You want a home remedy for sore throat, or perhaps a natural sore throat spray. The race is on for natural sore throat remedies. A home remedy may work best, and there are many of them to try. They are quick, cost effective and they work.

No one’s home when you call at this panicking time. Is a throat lozenge the answer? How about rinsing your throat? There is little time for a mistakes. What would a world famous singer do about this issue? You cannot afford to make mistakes, you have very little time to act. You require a home remedy for sore throat or natural sore throat remedies that will actually work. The good news is that there are several options for you. Home remedies are the answer.

Home Remedies to the Rescue

One home remedy for sore throat is to gargle with a mixture of warm water and salt. This is intended to relieve the soreness in the throat. You should do this several times to relieve your sore throat. You can also gargle with mouthwash to achieve the same effect, this home remedy for sore throat implies that the result should be a reduction in any swelling and a reduction in discomfort, as well.

Home Remedy for Sore Throat

Other Natural Sore Throat Remedies

Another technique is to drink hot water or hot tea mixed with honey to help soothe the throat. You can also suck on any brand of a hard candy to reduce the pain in the throat. Honey is a home remedy that generations have used to combat the onset of a sore throat. It is soothing and soothes areas inflamed in the throat. Similarly, lemons offer the same result. You can drink a liquid mixed with lemons, even water, to reduce the pain and swelling.

The Natural Throat Spray Solution

One strategy is to spray your throat with a salt mixture. This helps relieve congestion and is a popular solution for mothers who fret about their young children and their sore throats. By spraying the solution directly into the throat, you can immediately feel the soothing effects of this home remedy. The result is a quick solution to this problem as you are applying the solution directly to the source of your discomfort.

 Go Ahead: Eat Garlic

How about this to top all natural sore throat remedies: eat garlic. If you can even find it, why would you eat it to resolve a sore throat issue? Well, believe it or not, raw garlic is a great home remedy for sore throat. Eating a few cloves of fresh garlic has the powerful ability to promote a wellbeing all year round. It may be news to you, but this is a sore throat home remedy that works.

 Resolving the Dilemma

So, with these natural sore throat remedies, which ones are best? Is it a natural throat spray? Or is it gargling with salt water? Perhaps garlic is the solution. Or perhaps a version of hot water with honey. Or maybe it is tea itself. Natural sore throat remedies offer a variety of solutions. Whatever is immediately available is a priority. So, with little time to spare before your big speech, good luck — you may need it.



Are There Natural Remedies for Sore Throat?

Some natural remedies for sore throat range from an herbal singing spray to the use of humidifier or vaporizer. If you can find the best natural sore throat remedy, you will never have to visit the doctor to seek sore throat treatments. These remedies are simple to use and cost effective. This article outlines the most effective natural remedies for sore throat.

Herbal Singing Spray

This is a throat spray that’s made from a mixture of strong herbs such as Aloe Vera and Marjoram with boiled water, honey, and lemon juice. The singing spray contains special soothing agents to help ease your sore throat.

Remedies for Sore Throat

How to Prepare an Herbal Singing Spray At Home

Step 1: Boil water and then pour 1/4 cup of hot water into a dish. Place lemon tea bag in the water and let it seep for about 2 minutes then remove it.

Step 2: Mix in 1 tablespoon of aloe vera 1 tablespoon of honey and 1/8 tablespoon of Marjoram. Add an adequate amount of lemon juice and then pour the mixture into a spray bottle through a funnel.

Step 3: The mixture is ready and can be used. Ensure that you hold the bottle ¼ inch from your mouth and spray 2 to 3 times. Don’t swallow the singing spray for about 10 seconds so that the herbs can sink into your throat.

The Use of Vaporizer or Humidifier in a Room

Warm mist from this natural sore throat remedy can help soothe swollen air passages and relieve hoarseness. However, you should not let the room get uncomfortably cold. If you don’t have a humidifier, you can use a pan of water to moisturize the air through evaporation. Ensure that the pan is placed in a safe location to avoid tripping or falling into it.

Warm Salt Water

Gargle warm salt water to help relieve your throat. Dissolve 1 teaspoon or 5grams of salt in 240ml of warm water and then gargle the mixture at least once per hour. Try holding the warm salt water for at-least 10 seconds. Salt draws out water from the swollen cells while easing your sore throat.


Tyophora can also help ease irritation and a sore throat. It has become an extremely popular sore throat remedy for sore throat issues. Just pour boiling water on the Tylophora, stir the mixture and then you can drink it for 3 to 4 times a day. You can also use it in tea or porridge.

Aloe Vera

This is another great natural sore throat remedy. If you would like to ease your sore throat from being irritated, you should try it. Make a mixture of Aloe Vera and boiled water, and then sip the mixture for 3 to 4 times a day. These roots can be amazing to help soothe irritated mucous membranes.

Final Comments 

When you have a sore throat make sure to rest your body and drink lots of fluids. This will boost the effectiveness of these natural sore throat remedies. Fluids such as water, herbal tea and orange juice can help in the thinning of secretions and soothing an irritated sore throat. All of the above-listed remedies for sore throat can help you feel better after a few days.


Vocal and Voice Care for Singers

Being a singer requires some work; and besides lots of singing practice, singers also need to engage in vocal exercises for voice improvement. Vocal and voice care for singers through the use of exercises can help improve stamina, confidence, improved body awareness and coordination during vocal performances. Here is a look at some vocal exercises singers can use to improve their singing.

  1. Humming

This is a pretty simple exercise, but it can do wonders for a singer’s vocal capabilities. The point of this exercise is to hum, starting low and then slowly going higher and higher. After a few days of training, you should have improved your ability to hit higher notes or hold them for much longer. The humming is also a great way to warm up your cords before any singing performance, which makes it ideal for a singer on the road.

Vocal and Voice Care for Singers

  1. Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do

This is one of the classics when it comes to vocal and voice care for singers. You simply sing up the scale, paying attention to the pitch. Once you reach the end of the scale, you should do it in reverse, again paying attention to the pitch. This voice improvement exercise is good to help train your ears to identify different pitches.

  1. Blowing Air through a Straw

This simple vocal exercise helps your vocal cords. By blowing air through a straw at varying intensities, resistance reaches the vocal cords. This results in better sound quality during actual singing performances. While at it, you should also try to vary the intensity at which you blow through the straw to vary the amount of pressure applied to the vocal cords.

  1. Lip Buzz/Trills

This voice improvement exercise simply involves vibrating the lips together. You will know you are getting it right if you feel a funny sensation in your nose. The aim of this vocal exercise is to help you increase your breath support and also improve your singing stamina.

  1. The Siren

This is also one of the most popular warm up vocal exercises among singers. As the name suggests, this exercise involves producing the siren sound over and over again. To know you are doing it right, it should stop completely when you pinch your nose. After giving this exercise a try, you should be able to take on more demanding vocal assignments with greater ease. This is actually a very common form of vocal and voice care for singers, both professional and inexperienced.

  1. A Familiar Song

Singing a familiar song is also one of the best voice improvement exercises you can do. This particular vocal workout helps enhance breath control. By moving through the short and the long phrases throughout the song, while also paying attention to your breath, you can improve your breath control and hence deliver better results as a singer. A song like “Amazing Grace” is ideal for such an exercise.

  1. Tone Control Vocal Exercises

Tone control exercises are also essential for any singer. This requires you to use vowel sounds such as Ah, Oh, Ee, Oo. You should start by singing the vowel sound softly and then increasing the volume of your sound gradually without changing the pitch of your voice. At the end, your stomach muscles should be much stronger and your breath capacity should grow over time, which is what makes it one of the most important vocal and voice care for singers on the road.

Are Singer Throat Care Exercises Important?

Voice and singer throat care exercises are essential for any singer. This means that without proper throat care for singers exercises there would be no work for a singer. It is, therefore, paramount to take adequate attention to your singing voice. You can do this by simply eating right and avoiding harmful habits that could possibly harm your vocal cords. Almost every singer has at one point in time suffered from a sore throat. This can be caused by stressing one’s voice, which leads to the destruction of your vocal cords. The good news is that you can actually get rid of injuries and fatigue by taking good care of vocal cords.

  1. Upright posture and Breathing Techniques

It is essential to practice breathing exercises and an upright posture while singing for the most efficient singer throat care. This helps us to control our breathing, as well as our singing voice.

Singer Throat Care

  1. Vocal Warmups

The importance of warming up before singing is to get the diaphragm and vocal cords set before singing. After preparing your diaphragm and vocal cords you will not be disappointed because your voice will be as ready as it will ever be.

  1. Water Consumption

You will be amazed by the impact water has on your vocal chords. It helps lubricate your throat while making singing throat care better. It is important to drink water and hydrate to keep your voice in tip top shape. Always ensure you are drinking water regularly throughout the day.

  1. Sleep

Sleep is the ultimate cure for a fatigued voice and the perfect singer throat care exercise. It is paramount to rest for at least 8 hours or more in order to recover your natural singing voice.

  1. Don’t Speak In Noisy Environments

When we try to speak in noisy areas we push our voices too hard, which is not good when trying to practice throat care for singers. This can cause damage to the vocal cords, which affects the quality of your voice.

A Natural Throat Spray Is The Smart & Healthy Option!

Have you ever heard of a natural throat spray? Well, if you haven’t, it is extremely important to focus your search towards a natural voice spray, which are different from an unnatural vocal spray. The fact of the matter is that most people aren’t aware about the various differences between the natural and synthetic counterparts, which is quite worrying when taking into consideration each’s set of effects and consequences. It is definitely important to do your research before going out and buying a throat spray. That is exactly why we’ve decided to help cut down your research time and point out exactly why you should shift your shopping focus to natural throat spray formulas.

Don’t Take the Risk – Go for a Natural Vocal Spray!

Inside recording studios, hotel rooms, tour buses and green rooms a singer’s spray is almost always present in the arsenal of a vocalist. However, going for the wrong/dangerous mixture of ingredients may also mean that your beloved singer’s voice spray is either a huge waste of money and time, or possibly harmful to your highly precious pipes. Averaging approximately 5 to 25 dollars a bottle for most commercial products, and having a laundry list of different ingredients that you have zero idea how to properly pronounce, let alone what they’re role is, is a gamble you certainly shouldn’t take with your precious voice.

Natural Throat Spray

Various Negative Effects

When it comes to most unnatural sprays, they are generally separated into 2 kinds – the ones that contain alcohol and the ones that contain powerful anesthetics/numbing properties. Many people, instead of going for a natural voice spray, vocal sprays that contain alcohol can lead to drying out the throat. In order for your throat to function properly, it must maintain a certain amount of moisture at all times.

Throat Sprays with Numbing Properties

When it comes to sprays that contain anesthetics and numbing properties, unlike a natural throat spray, they have various negative effects. The fact of the matter is that these sprays, unlike a natural voice spray, make use of chemicals that are synthetic in their core, which is never a good option to administer to the body. Furthermore, when synthetic compounds are used, such as alcohol, nobody knows what other negative effects may further be brought about. That is why you should only deal with a natural vocal spray.

The Bottom Line – A Natural Vocal Spray is the Best Option

To properly maintain your vocal health, avoid vocal sprays that have alcohol or numbing properties in them, which may lead to various negative effects.  For best results and vocal care use a natural throat spray?

Natural Throat Spray

Voice Practice: Exercises Singers Can Do Before a Show

A vocal practice is an essential activity that should be regularly done before any performance because, without voice practice, your voice would sound more nasal and tired, unlike when you do throat practice beforehand. A good practice helps warm up the vocal chords so it doesn’t sound like you suddenly break into song after waking up. There are many different kinds of exercises you, as a singer, can do to prepare before any performance. Here are some vocal practice exercises you can do.

 Lip Bubble to Remove Vocal Tension for Good

One of the most effective voice practice exercises is the lip bubble. This may sound simple enough but it won’t be if your jaw, tongue, and mouth is not relaxed. You start by massaging your cheeks in a circular motion using the tips of your fingers, just to relax it. Let everything loose and then, using your two index fingers, push your mouth a little into a forced smile. Now blow bubbles with your mouth closed, making sure the lips are relaxed to allow it to move as the bubbles come out. Do this without sound, and when you are able to do it for a few seconds without breathing, do it with a singing vocal practice sound.

Voice Practice

Elevator Slides to Smooth out Vocal Registers

This is a great throat practice for belting out without experiencing breaks or cracks in your voice. Create a siren-like noise from a low note and then slowly move to a higher note, making sure you reach your head voice, then slowly move down to a low note again. You can start from an “Ah” sound, then move to other vowels. You may also increase the speed of this vocal practice to enhance positive results.

 Octave Jumps to Improve Intonation and Breathing

Another great voice practice you can try is the Octave Jump. Just like the elevator slide, you would be moving from one note to another. Here, the notes will be one octave apart. Also, the note will be short and not connected to the other. This is quite a challenge to do because you have to make sure to hit the right note one octave higher. The purpose of this throat practice is to improve your intonation and to help you connect with your breath. Make sure you sing each note with a rounded throat, not through the nose or else it would sound nasal.

 Vocal See-Saws for Better Articulation

For singers, it is important to create clear and distinct sounds so the listeners could understand what you are singing. Mumbling could break your performance so to improve articulation, do see-saws during your voice practice. Using the syllables “du” and “ba”, start from Do, then Re, then back to Do, then Mi, then back down to Do, then up to Fa, and so on. Similar to a see-saw, you do this throat practice with your voice moving up and down repeatedly, with the second note going higher every time. Make sure that you pronounce the syllables clearly, regardless of the note.

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The Benefits of Using a Throat Spray for Singers

For singers and background vocalists alike, your voice is an important asset that must always sound great. That is why it is important to make use of a throat spray for singers. These products have a lot of benefits that will ensure you perform comfortably but also in your best voice. Some of these benefits of using a throat spray for singers are mentioned in this article.

They Moisturize the Throat

After singing or even blowing an instrument for a continuous period of time, most musicians end up with a dry throat. This is not only uncomfortable but can also often lead to a dry throat. However, you can avoid all of this by utilizing the voice spray for singers. One of their principle functions is moisturizing the throat to prevent that uncomfortable dryness. This throat spray for singers hydrates the throat by using herbs like Tylophora, Osha Root, Aloe Vera and Vegetable Glycerin to help keep the throat moist while help to minimize dryness.

Throat Spray for Singers

They Help Restore Your Voice

If you have ever sang for long periods of time, then you know that loss of voice is one of the inevitable things that may occur from time to time. You, therefore, need a solution that will enable you to recover your voice before you step on the stage again. This is exactly what voice spray for singers helps you do. The throat spray for singers contain substances which soothe your throat and support your voice in a very short time. You, therefore, do not have to worry about being able to sing your best as these products help you maintain the voice you desire.

 They Can Be Used At Any Time

Yes, that statement is right. One of the last things that should trouble your mind is whether you are using throat sprays for singers appropriately. This is because there is no single proven technique and you can be able to use them at any point in time. The mouth spray for singers can be used before, during or after a show depending on your preferences. Therefore, the voice spray for singers offers users a great deal of freedom ad they do not have to stick to set timelines.

 They Are Non-Toxic

One of the greatest concerns many people have before using products such as a mouth spray for singers is their safety. This is a valid concern and one that you should never ignore. What makes the throat sprays for singers such an excellent choice is the fact that they are made using non-toxic products.

They Are Available In a Range Of Flavors

It is normal for one to love one kind of flavor over another. With this in mind, the manufacturers of voice sprays for singers have gone out of their way to develop multiple flavors. These ensure that even as you sing, your breath will be smelling of your favorite flavor thanks to the mouth spray for singers. This makes them a favorite among many singers as they offer them the best of both worlds: a comfortable throat, and a lovely odor.

Throat Spray for Singers

Understanding Why You Need a Dry Mouth Spray

If you’ve experiencing a sore or painful mouth and throat, then you may be interested in finding a dry mouth spray. A scratchy throat spray or dry throat spray is a great option and can be beneficial. If you’re interested in learning more, these are some of the reasons why you should keep one handy.

Why Do I Need It?

Why exactly do you need a throat spray? There are a few reasons why having a dry mouth spray is a good idea. The first reason is that a vocal spray will help lubricate your throat. If you’re feeling like your throat is dry, then you need to find a solution. A dry throat spray is an easy and effective way to find relief.

Dry Mouth Spray

The second reason to choose a scratchy mouth spray is to soothe irritation. When your mouth and throat are scratchy, the spray works to lubricate your throat and help the area stay moisturized. For both occasional and regular dry throat symptoms, you may find that having a throat spray can help your mouth and throat to feel better faster.

The third reason why you should consider a dry mouth spray is that it comes in handy when you need to get back to business. There are many reasons why you may find yourself with a dry or scratchy throat. If this happens when you’re at work, with friends, or needing to talk to people, then you’ll have to find a solution quickly. If you’re in a situation where you need to continue on with your day, then you’ll definitely need a dry throat spray handy.

Benefits of a Dry Throat Spray

Most people who have ever used a scratchy throat spray can tell you the benefits, but if you’ve never used one before, then you should get an idea of why it can be beneficial. Although you may find some benefits from cold water, you won’t get the same benefits as a dry mouth spray. The sprays contain substances that help your mouth and throat and lubricate these areas. Although you can still sip on water, you’ll find immediate relief with a spray.

Easy On the Go

Another benefit is that a dry throat spray is easy to use. Most sprays are easy to carry around with you and can be used as needed. Having a solution to your dry throat that’s convenient makes dry throat sprays extremely beneficial. As most people know, the best solution is the simplest one. Taking care of your throat is easier than ever if you choose this solution.

These are just a few of the reasons why you may want to keep a scratchy throat spray on hand. There are literally hundreds of reasons why you experience a dry or irritated mouth and throat. You don’t have to be uncomfortable throughout your day by having a dry throat spray handy. Thousands of people have also chosen this solution and found relief. Keep yourself on track with an easy and effective throat spray.

Dry Mouth Spray

Feeling Sick? Here is Why You Might Need a Throat Spray

Winter seasons are a nightmare for most people, especially those who spend a lot of time lecturing, singing, preaching and generally using their voices. While prevention is always better than cure, sometimes it is just not possible to prevent hoarseness from a dry throat so then you have to find the best way to alleviate your throat, in this case by using a throat spray, vocal spray, or voice spray. In this article we will try and explain why purchasing a throat spray or vocal spray may be a worthy investment after all, and hope that this information will make dried throat episodes fewer for the afflicted and affected.

When to Get a Voice Spray, Throat Spray or Vocal Spray

Consider for instance if you are a singer or artist who has a gig coming up, or you got assigned to some important presentation at your work place when disaster strikes and you get the all too familiar dry, scratchy, irritated feeling in your throat and you realize in dismay that your voice is literally on the line. There are quite a number of reasons this may have happened, but this does not change the issue at hand, which is losing your voice quality or even your voice altogether, this is when you will need to get some voice spray and save yourself, or even your company ASAP!

Clear Voice banner

Why Get a Voice Spray, Throat Spray or Vocal Spray

We have covered the ‘when’, so now to tackle the ‘why’ which is just as important and rather obvious. It may be impossible for you to get the day off from work especially if something major is happening, or for an artist or musician it may be too late to cancel and get replacements which may cost you money and priceless reputation, so simply get a throat spray, which in most cases will help ease your throat. A voice spray or vocal spray will help regularize your voice and moisten your throat for a better performance, while also keeping your airways open for a longer time so you have improved clarity in your voice.

How to Pick the Best Voice Spray, Throat Spray or Vocal Spray

This final part is to let you know how to go about choosing a good voice spray.  Some things to consider when choosing a vocal spray are taste, flavor, ingredients, how natural it is, and will it work best for your singing style.  Hopefully this article has provided a much needed guide and cleared any questions and lingering concerns you may have had so now you can enjoy having a clear, and audible voice.

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Why Do Speakers Use a Singing Throat Spray?

There are some people out there who rely on a singing throat spray and singer throat care, and those individuals include both scratchy voice singers and speakers. Speakers choose to rely on such sprays because they need to talk for a long time without taking a break. When someone is talking for a long time, their throat can become dry or tired. Speakers need to be able to keep their throat in good shape and they need to be able to deliver the speech that they have planned. Speakers find relief in both natural throat sprays and voice sprays.

Why Do Singers Use Voice and Throat Sprays?

Among those who rely on a singing throat spray and singer throat care are scratchy voice singers. Those who sing for a living need to have a way to keep their throat and voice in good health. Such individuals need help so that they can sing in the way that they want to sing and deliver a great performance. Such individuals find that throat and voice sprays can help their throats to be at their best when it comes time to perform. Such individuals care for their throats by using sprays and good care.

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What Do Sprays Offer?

When scratchy voice singers and speakers rely on a singing throat spray and singer throat care, what kind of help are they expecting to get? These individuals are looking to soothe a throat that is in pain and they are looking to moisturize a throat that is dry. Such individuals want their throats to feel good, and they want their voices to sound great.

Why Do Performers Need Help?

When scratchy voice singers choose to rely on singer throat care and a singing throat spray, some wonder why they need to rely on any kind of help and why they can’t just go on without the help that such products offer. Performers need help because a lot is expected of them. Performers know that those who come to see them perform are going to expect to watch the performance of a lifetime. Those who come to see someone sing or speak are looking to watch someone who will do things in a big way, and throat sprays can help with that.

When Do Performers Use Singing Throat Sprays and Throat Care?

Clear Voice singing throat spray is out there so that it can be used at various times by scratchy voice singers and all those in need of singer throat care. Some choose to use such products as they are heading into a performance, and others choose to use them when they are on the road. Each individual has their own, unique plan in regard to sprays and products that are out there to help with their voices. Those who are in need of help know that they can get the help that they are seeking at any time, and that they can find relief in throat sprays when they need them.

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Singers Guide: Voice Care for Singers

When it comes to vocal health for singers and voice care for singers, many aspiring singers never think of the steps they have to undergo to pursue their dreams such as lessons that surround vocal care for singing. In the business sector, one of the terms that many aspiring entrepreneurs think of, is risk tolerance. Risk tolerance refers to the amount of risk an individual or company is willing to undergo before they are able to make a major move towards an objective. For example, as far as risk tolerance goes, an aspiring small business owner may come to the conclusion that he/she will only spend a certain amount of money to get the business off the ground, or he risks losing too much, if his venture does not succeed. The same concept can be applied to the music industry as well. Individuals who wish to become professional singers need to become aware of the amount of risks that are involved with pursuing a singing career so that they can establish a boundary, as to which they will not cross. By overstepping those boundaries, it can lead to making desperate moves and it your decisions thereafter can affect your family members and close friends. Here are some things you need to know, before you pursue a singing career.

Limited Income for an Extended Undetermined Amount of Time 

The first thing aspiring voice care for singers need to understand, is that it is common for aspiring vocal health for singers to receive limited income for an extended and undetermined amount of time especially if they invest in vocal care for singing classes. As such, you will need to decide how long you will be willing to subjugate yourself to making less money, than you would make at a traditional job. In addition to this, you need to consider how your actions will affect your family as well as your overall lifestyle, such as the ability to go to the places you would like to go as well as the things you would like to buy.Clear Voice banner

 You Will Need To Invest At least 50% Of Your Time into Protecting and Enhancing Vocal Health 

Oftentimes, many vocal health for singers and voice care for singers focus so heavily on the marketing aspects of their career that they never really focus on their vocal care for singing. As such, they attempt to market endlessly and allow their vocal health to suffer. Another thing you need to consider is that as a singer who is striving to gain some notoriety, you will have to invest at least 50% of your time in protecting your singing voice as well as to enhance your vocal health.

 You’ll need to Invest Money before You Are Able to Make Money

Besides focusing on vocal health for singers and voice care for singers, as well as vocal care for singing, one of the most important things you need to consider is the fact that you will need to invest some money, before you actually begin to earn money. Some of the expenses you will encounter includes:

* Vehicle/fuel
* Recording
* Insurance
* Legal Issues (such as Fulfilling contracts)
* Taxes
* Band member salaries (if you are a part of a group)

As such, on top of acknowledging the fact that you will receive limited income for an extended and undetermined amount of time, you need to consider the fact that you will have to invest money into your career.

You Will Have To Viciously Guard Your Reputation 

If you invest in vocal care for singing/ voice care for singers classes and feel comfortable with your vocal health for singers, if you continue to pursue a signing career your reputation will be at stake, at all times. Once you gain some popularity, you will always be under public scrutiny. As such, you will have to rigorously guard your brand and image at all times. This in itself can lead to drastic changes within your life, such as changing the things you do as well as some of the things your family likes to do.

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5 Reasons Why Clear Voice Vocal Spray is Better than Mouth Kote Spray

For those who engage in public speaking or singing often, solutions such as Clear Voice vocal spray or Mouth Kote dry mouth spray or simply Mouth Kote spray definitely come in handy. Since these two are very similar in terms of functions, people often find themselves pondering over whether to go for Mouth Kote vocal spray or Clear Voice spray. If you’re dealing with this dilemma at the moment then our recommendation to you would definitely be Clear Voice spray as this one is a lot more superior to the Mouth Kote one. Here’s top 5 reasons why it is better:

All-Natural Blend

This is the primary reason why people love Clear Voice Vocal spray, i.e. because it is completely natural and made from a blend of high quality herbs. Thanks to its 100% natural formula, one can use the spray liberally without worrying about harmful side effects cropping up! Also, it is safe to administer as often as required since it does not contain chemicals. With the Mouth Kote dry mouth spray variants, the formula is not completely natural. Thus, instead of going for Mouth Kote vocal spray or Mouth Kote spray, it would make more sense to go for the Clear Voice one.

Clear Voice banner

More Economical

The price tag of the vocal spray is definitely an important factor affecting the purchase decision for some people, especially those who have a limited budget. Clear Voice vocal spray definitely beats Mouth Kote vocal spray in terms of price, the former is a lot more economical. Thus, if you want to save more money without compromising on the quality of the vocal spray then you should definitely go for Clear Voice spray and forget about the Mouth Kote dry mouth spray. Besides, your wallet is going to thank you for not picking up the Mouth Kote spray!

Very Effective

A lot of customers swear by Clear Voice vocal spray and prefers it in comparison to the Mouth Kote dry mouth spray because they find that Mouth Kote spray is not as effective as the spray from Clear Voice. In fact, unlike Mouth Kote vocal spray, the Clear Voice one never let them down. They can always rely on it the day before the big performance in order to sing or speak perfectly without coughing or cracking of your voice!

 Brand Name

As far as popularity is concerned, Mouth Kote vocal spray is not as popular as Clear Voice Vocal spray. The latter has a bigger brand name and hence it enjoys greater visibility. Thus, considering the fact that Clear Voice scores over Mouth Kote dry mouth spray, a lot of people drop the idea of getting Mouth Kote spray and opt for Clear Voice instead.

Professional’s Choice

Another reason why people prefer to go for Clear Voice vocal spray as opposed to Mouth Kote spray is because the former is approved and endorsed by professionals such as teachers, singers, motivational speakers and so on. Clear Voice spray is perfect for keeping pitchy, hoarse and cracking voice at bay as it soothes the vocal chords and amplifies one’s vocal performance. Thus, if you have picked up Clear Voice spray instead of the Mouth Kote dry mouth spray or the Mouth Kote vocal spray then you’re heading in the right direction!Clear Voice call us

Why Natural Clear Voice Vocal Spray Is an Entertainers Secret

Clear Voice Vocal Spray is one of the most innovative blend of herbs that’s designed to keep airways open and the throat and mouth moist, making it a speakers and singers saving grace. Whether you spend your days lecturing in halls or performing songs, this entertainers secret can offer relief from fatigue, scratchy and dry throat as well as soothe vocal cords. There are several reasons why it has become the product of choice for singers and speakers all over the world, these include but are not limited to the following;

Made From Natural Herbs

This is without doubt an entertainers secret of unequalled efficacy. It is an all-natural blend of herbs that include well known herbal ingredients such as Marjoram, Aloe Vera, Osha Root, Tylophora and vegetable glycerin. This unique blend has been known to not only keep the throat moist but also minimize instances of dryness which can lead to cracking and coughing while singing or speaking. This does make its use great for shows, recording vocals and speaking in front of crowds. It is also worth mentioning that the ingredients used in making Clear Voice Vocal Spray are well known in the natural herbal field and their efficiency is well known all over the world.

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Affordable Prices

Also known as the singers saving grace to many users, the spray is quite affordable. Even though the product has been endorsed and is currently used by some of the leading music stars and public speakers, the price point is quite fair and affordable to the masses. This implies that you don’t have to spend too much money so as to get your voice in tip top condition. This is quite different from other brands which are not only more expensive but their overall efficacy cannot also be independently ascertained. Its fair price point and high quality has seen it gain significant market share over the years.

No Known Serious Side Effects 

Even though the product has long been considered an entertainers secret for ages, the ingredients are no secret. This is because the product is made mainly from natural herbs, Clear Voice Vocal Spray has no known side effects, making it a true and complete singers saving grace. This can mainly be attributed to the natural ingredients which have been used in making the spray. Osha and Marjoram have long been used by speakers and singers over the years due to their soothing qualities whereas Tylophora does open airways and has also been used in numerous herbal asthma formulas. Aloe Vera is typically used to relieve inflammation and promote healing while the unique alcohol free combination is preserved in a base of vegetable glycerin. The functions of all the ingredients are well known and the effects are also well documented making the product not only safe to use but also without serious side effects to your vocals.

Available In Different Flavors and Easy To Handle Size

To ensure that the needs and requirements of users are all met if not surpassed, Clear Voice Vocal Spray is available in four fabulous and tasty flavors such as Honey Lemon, Strawberry Lemonade, Cherry Apple and Fresh Mint. This does ensure that everyone’s personal taste or like is covered ad provided for, making it a true entertainers secret for both speakers and singers. It is also worth mentioning that the product is available in easy to use and store 1oz. spray bottles, this makes it possible to easily slip the singers saving grace tin in your handbag or pocket and use it when required. This is contrary to other products which are either available in one or two flavors and are inappropriately sized, either too small or too bulky.

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The Top 5 Benefits of Incorporating a Vocal Coach or Singing Coach to Help You Sing Better

One thing about music is that it needs proper training to perfect at it, and with a vocal coach, you will be sure of becoming a great singer. A singing coach will take you through the voice coaching to help you train your voice and learn how to deliver it for a perfect sound. When you want to learn how to sing perfectly, you will want to seek the help of a professional. As you are learning how to sing, incorporating a vocal coach can help you sing even better without much difficulty. So, why should you hire a singing coach to help you perfect your singing?

  • Easier Learning

With your voice coach, you will learn how to control your vocal cords and deliver a super amazing voice. The coach will help you know how you will deliver a perfect sound without damaging the voice. When you try to sing on your own, it can be challenging since you may not exactly know how to control your vocal cords. Nonetheless, with the incorporation of the coach, you will find it simple to sing. The proper control of the vocal folds will be made easy with the help of the coach.

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• Limits Fatigue, Strain or Damage

When you force your voice out, without the proper adjustment of the vocal folds, your voice. That is why many people end up have faint voices after singing for a short while. Some of the injuries sustained by untrained singers include vocal cord cysts and vocal cord polyps. You might have a cracking voice when your voice is injured. The coach will help you learn how to limit the straining or soreness of your throat. The singing coach will give you the right technique, along with a perfect vocal care so as to sing with ease.

• Enhances the Confidence

During the voice coaching, you will be trained by a real person. The vocal coach has been trained to offer the right tips that will make you sing better. Also, they know how to encourage you when and if you are making an improvement. The coach will also give you the chance to practice what you are singing and get you out to a bigger audience.

• Room for Evaluation/Feedback

With the singing coach, you will have a professional evaluating how you sing and giving you feedback that will help you progress. During the voice coaching, the coach will tell you how you are faring on, as they give comments on where to change. Suppose you were practicing on your own, you wouldn’t know whether you are making progress or not. Also, you will not know where the flaws are and where you need to improve.

Your voice coaching will be much easier when you have a well experienced singing coach. The coach will take you through the training and ensure that you gradually get perfect at it. Before you hire a coach, always ensure that you are aware of the cost of the voice coaching. Also, check that the coach has enough experience to take you through the coaching. You might want to ask around so as to get a reliable and affordable coach.

Revealed: 3 Easy Vocal Exercises for Singers and Public Speakers

Unless you have studied with a voice professional or are a voice practitioner, it may be difficult to know what proper vocal exercises or singing exercises are. Vocal exercises for singers and/or public speakers can make a world of difference in both endurance and control of one’s voice because, just as with the rest of the body, some people naturally have more vocal strength while others need theirs pumped up in order to keep up with their daily vocal requirements. Below, therefore, we take a look at 3 singing exercises/vocal exercises for both singers and public speakers as follows: Continue reading Revealed: 3 Easy Vocal Exercises for Singers and Public Speakers

How to Train Your Voice At Home without Professional Voice Training in 5 Easy Steps

If you want to learn how to train your voice to sing like a superstar you don’t need special vocal training. Although it would obviously help, you could just as easily carry out voice training techniques from the comfort of your own home. After a few months of constant practice, you’ll eventually learn how to train your voice correctly and everyone will be blown away by the results. Here are 5 important voice training techniques you must start using immediately. Continue reading How to Train Your Voice At Home without Professional Voice Training in 5 Easy Steps

Learning to Sing Online With a Little Help of Clear Voice Vocal Spray

In the past, anyone interested in learning to sing or wanting to learn to sing online encountered great difficulties as the only way of acquiring singing knowledge was either through enrollment in a music school or hiring a private coach. Although these are professional ways of learning, they are quite expensive and were out of reach for many people but with the advent of the internet, learning to sing has been made pretty easy as there are a plethora of online resources and even a Clear Voice Vocal Spray where one can learn to sing online and some available for free. The key here is finding the right one for you. When you decide to learn to sing online, the course you take should improve your skills to pro level and work on all aspects related to singing like the right posture to maintain, the right way to breath, how to work on the tone for good vocal quality, how to have a powerful voice and sometimes how to enhance your voice by softening your throat using a Clear Voice Vocal Spray

Singing Teacher Is Optional, Not Necessary

For most people interested in learning to sing, finding an experienced teacher is the first thing that comes to mind. However with the modern life hurdles, finding time to attend the classes can be problematic but when you decide to learn to sing online you can create your own schedule and learn when you have the time. When you learn to sing online financial costs can be lowered immensely to your advantage. A typical music school might cost around $300 a week and you are only given one lesson per week which means by the time you are through with the course the cost will be in the thousands. With an online course however, you can go through previous lessons without incurring additional costs except for Clear Voice Vocal Sprays because of the amount of practice you will do. Furthermore, when you learn to sing online there is more flexibility and you have the freedom to choose the sequence in which you want to learn the lessons unlike a singing teacher whom you have the pressure of meeting his expectations. Another advantage is that you learn at your own pace which can be advantageous for a slow learner

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Improving Your Singing Voice

Sometimes despite being a good singer and taking lessons seriously, your voice might just not sound right. Even though you have put serious efforts into practice your voice might be quite irritating due to it scratching and being dry. This can be remedied by using a Clear Voice Vocal Spray. What is it you might ask? Well a Clear Voice Vocal Spray is made up of natural herbs and works by moistening the throat to soften your throat to avoid the irritating cracking voices. It is common with professional singers and is applied like a fresh breath oral spray. This can be helpful as you take your course as at times you can’t help the throat being dry either due to mood or dehydration or any other reason.

If you are looking to become a professional singer and are serious about learning to sing, then be sure to take advantage of the internet resources and learn to sing online. However for the lessons to be effective, you need to put in some serious effort and dedication just as you would in a conventional school.

Reasons to Take Singing Lessons or Voice Lessons

Singing lessons, vocal lessons, or voice lessons are very important because they will allow you to reach your goal of becoming a singer. Since music is inspiring and beautiful, you will be doing something very good for society. In fact, you will better understand human nature by taking vocal lessons with an expert in this field. Taking singing lessons is not as hard as you might think, these classes offer both affordability and flexibility. Don´t worry about being too young or too old to sing, because a singing expert can help you out. Continue reading Reasons to Take Singing Lessons or Voice Lessons

What Causes Hoarse Throat or Voice Hoarseness?

A hoarse throat (also called voice hoarseness) can be caused by an issue with any of your vocal cords. A hoarse voice treatment isn’t hard to find for this health issue. Your vocal cords can be found in your larynx or voice box, which is found in your throat. These vocal cords might become either infected of inflamed. Your might have a problem with these things, and this might be the cause of your hoarse throat. These health issues tend to fade out after two weeks, but you should consider that this health problem should be treated quickly. Continue reading What Causes Hoarse Throat or Voice Hoarseness?

How a Throat Spray for Singers Can Be a Convenient Dry Throat Remedy

If you are looking for dry throat remedy, you could consider a dry mouth spray or throat spray for singers to help relieve you of your dry mouth, which is caused by a shutdown of saliva production.Saliva has several duties, for example, the fluid helps you to chew, spit and talk. It also lubricates food and washes away plaque and food particles, thus termed as a great natural cavity fighter. Therefore, when saliva production stops or decreases, you will not only have to deal with a dry mouth, but also decaying gums and teeth. You are therefore subject to infections and decay, which also affect your taste buds in the long run and dry throat remedy would help.  Continue reading How a Throat Spray for Singers Can Be a Convenient Dry Throat Remedy

Sore Throat Remedies and Throat Pain Relief for Singers & Speakers

Understanding the various sore throat remedies can be a boost to a majority of singers and public speakers. Because of being unaware of throat pain relief techniques, most of them have failed to impress as per their wish and, therefore, the need to know different natural relief for sore throat is paramount. In this article, I will discuss the various natural products that singer and speakers can use to alleviate the sore throat pain and other related problems.

Continue reading Sore Throat Remedies and Throat Pain Relief for Singers & Speakers

Calling All Singers and Speakers: Home Remedies for Sore Throat

If you are a public speaker or a singer, you probably could be facing the following; the risk of overusing your voice, causing damage to your vocal cords or having a sore throat that will trigger you to choose the best remedy for sore throat from the many home remedies for sore throat available. A home remedy for sore throat is a quick way to getting back to normal singing and speaking, thus enjoying your career. Continue reading Calling All Singers and Speakers: Home Remedies for Sore Throat