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What to Know About Talent Agents

Most people have heard that actors and singers have agents. Having an agent is a good sign that someone is serious about making a career out of what they do. Here is what to know about talent agents if you want to pursue a professional career doing what you love most.

What do they do?

Music agents are there to help you find gigs to perform. They help find and make connections and work out tour dates for you. They do this by contacting different venues to convince them to allow you to play. These agents then usually get paid through a percentage of the sales from those performances. The percentage they make is usually around 10-15% of the concert ticket prices. You certainly can find gigs yourself. However, an agent is great to have because they can get you better gigs for more money.

How to find one

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First, you should try to find an agent that specializes in the field you are hoping to find a career in. Doing so will allow you to hire an agent who knows everything they need to help you succeed. Do not waste the time of agents who cannot help you. Keep in mind that finding an agent may be more difficult than you realize.

If you are hoping to find yourself a great agent, you need some type of exposure. This means you will be booking gigs yourself until then. These gigs may even include volunteer performances until you can find better-paying jobs. Some ways to get started can include entering competitions, posting videos of you performing on social media platforms like YouTube, performing in a café, or even on the street. You can even send a message to an agent directly to see if they are willing to listen to your music. Keep in mind, however, that you may need to contact a ton of different agencies before hearing back from any.

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Once you have an agent

The day you finally find an agent who will take you on will probably be exciting. It is a big step in the right direction. However, there will be contracts to go over and pay to discuss. Be sure to thoroughly go over any contract before signing. It does not hurt to have a few other people review the contract as well to make sure it is fully understood. Doing your research and talking with peers can help you find out what to know about talent agents and what to expect.