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The Life of a Theme Park Performer

Do you love performing live with the excitement of something new each day? The life of a theme park performer may be for you! Singers and actors alike can audition for roles to perform at these parks for a living. These roles provide a great opportunity for people to dive into a character or sing for an audience. Here is what you need to know about the life of a theme park performer!

Singing at a theme park

Theme parks are known for their entertainment, including musical performances. They have many shows throughout the day for their guests. These shows help bring energy to the park. They even add to the atmosphere of the park. Most parks have hired singers for their shows, but some parks even allow other musical groups to sign up to perform. Performing for a live audience at an amusement park can be an incredible experience, no matter how you got there. Just keep in mind that many hired singers may be performing multiple times throughout the day. This means it is important to keep your voice healthy and in good condition.

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Character roles

Almost every child dreams of playing the part of their favorite princess or a superhero. Thanks to theme parks, many people can live out that dream. If you have ever been to a Six Flags or Disney theme park, you may have seen these characters throughout the park with a line of guests waiting to get their photo taken with them. While these character roles are coveted by many, it is important to remember that it is not an easy job.

Depending on the park, there can be a rigorous audition and training process for characters. This is especially true for face characters who do not wear masks and talk with the guests. Theme parks usually require that actors stay in character while on the job. This means there is a lot they need to know about their character like voices, mannerisms, where they live, and who they know. A Disney princess, for example, cannot know who SpongeBob SquarePants is because his character is not from the same “universe”.

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