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Why Singers Should Read Music

If there is one thing that musicians know how to do, it is reading sheet music. However, many singers do not know how to read it. They rely simply on repeating the pitch of an instrument or another singer. While you can still be a wonderful singer without this knowledge, there are many more reasons why singers should read music.

It can help you write music

One thing many singers enjoy is writing their own music. However, this skill becomes close to impossible if they cannot understand music theory. Notes need to be written down for musicians to play. Even background singers will need to know what notes to sing. Having the music written down ensures that the tune is not forgotten and lost.

Learning new music becomes easier

Learning new music becomes a lot easier when you have the notes in front of you. While it can be easier to learn popular songs without sheet music, many songs may require you to know how to read music. If you want to perform a song with a very difficult tune, sheet music can help. Knowing how to read new music can even give you an advantage over those who cannot. One great thing about being able to read music is that you can put your twist on the songs you sing. When singing music you have heard, it can be hard to avoid imitating other artists. Many music scholarships also require singers to have a solid knowledge of music theory. If you are wanting to study singing in school, a basic knowledge of music theory should become one of your priorities.

Tips for learning to read music

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Online tutorials – The internet is full of knowledge. If you do not have the time or money to pay for courses to learn music, there are so many other options online. Some great places for learning how to read music online include Soundfly and even YouTube.

Apps – An even more convenient way to learn how to read music is through apps on your phone or tablet. Some of the best apps for learning how to read music include EarMaster, Music Tutor, and TheoryWorks. With these apps, you can throw on some headphones during a lunch break or a car ride and learn the basics of how to read music.

Practice with others – Another fun way to help you learn is to practice with others. Find a friend or family member who also shares a love for music. Quiz each other or try practicing singing new songs just by looking at the sheet music. This can also be a great way to help you learn the lines of new music. For more tips on learning lines for music, check out our article here.

There are so many reasons why singers should read music. It is a great skill to have if your goal is to have a career in music. Taking care of your voice and learning skills to improve your music are the keys to better music. Start taking care of your voice by using Clear Voice Spray before and in between performances.