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Best Vocal Exercise Tutorials

When it comes to singing, warming up your voice is very important. Warming up your voice helps the muscles in your throat relax. This makes singing both easier and safer. When voices are not properly warmed up, singers are more at risk for injury and strain. The good news is that vocal warm-ups are easy and just about anyone can do them. Here are some of the best vocal exercise tutorials. For more information on why warming up your voice is important, read our article below.

The Importance of Warming Up Your Voice

Humming Warm-ups

One of the easiest vocal warm-ups you can do is to hum. It is difficult to strain your voice while humming. Keep your tongue against your bottom teeth, your mouth closed, and hum away! If you need any more help with how to do this warm-up, watch the video below from YouTube.

Lip Buzz Warm-up

You may have done this warm-up technique while playing with cars or boats when you were younger. This vocal exercise is great because it allows you to go higher or lower in your range without being too hard on your voice. Here is a video to show you how it is done.


This warm-up may be a little trickier to understand how to do. When singing, your jaw must be dropped very low. This helps you create the best sound.

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Pitch slides

If you watched the video for the lip buzz warm-up, you listened to the instructor doing a pitch slide. This is simply practicing going up and down the scale with your voice.

Vocal siren

This is called the siren warm-up because you will be making your voice sound kind of like a siren on an emergency vehicle. This can be a fun warm-up once you have figured it out.

After watching these best vocal exercise tutorials, hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how to warm-up. Vocal exercises are a great way to prevent strain and increase your vocal range. Your voice will thank you and you may even notice improvements.