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What to Know About Street Performing

Street performing, otherwise known as busking, is commonly done in big cities like New York, L.A., or Chicago. While it may seem like a fun and exciting activity, there are things to know before jumping in. Performers need to consider rules and common courtesy. Here is what to know about street performing.

Know the laws

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One of the most important things to do before performing on the street is to become familiar with any laws and regulations. Learning what to know about street performing will help you avoid conflict with local people, businesses, and the law. For the most part, you are only allowed to perform on public property. This could be a sidewalk, a park, or even at a bus stop. While these options may seem limited, it is important to respect them. Some private properties may even allow you to perform with permission. However, these may require an audition and a permit. It is also important to note that even public places may have regulations. In Chicago, there are regulations on what hours you can play and limits on how loud the music is. In New York, you must be at least 50 feet from any monument. Almost every area has its own set of rules, so be aware.

Don’t be a nuisance

If you are going to succeed with performing on the street, you need to be courteous to the people. After all, they are the ones who must listen to you. Be sure to get feedback on your music from others before attempting to perform for people who did not ask to hear from you. Also, try to avoid playing near shops or restaurants that have music and a specific atmosphere. In areas like L.A., street performers have become quite a nuisance. There are too many of them and they do not perform quietly. This has resulted in a loud and chaotic noise.

Tips for Street Performers

Learning what others want to hear is a great way to be sure you will keep your audience entertained. Come up with a great setlist and memorize the music. Memorizing the music will help you avoid having to carry around sheet music and a music stand. These can become a huge pain. One of the best pieces of advice is to stick to family-friendly music. Avoid music with profanity, racism, or other inappropriate content. Avoiding this kind of music will help keep your audience happier and you won’t have to deal with upset parents. Keeping a lot of water and vocal spray on hand will help your voice stay clear as well during performances on the streets of smoky cities. Before anything else, be sure to check with the rules and regulations of any city. Knowing what each city requires will help your performance run more smoothly.