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Using Instagram As A Musician

Instagram has become more and more popular each year. There are around 1 billion active users each month, with around half of these people being active each day. If done correctly, you can grow a fanbase through Instagram. Continue reading to learn more about Instagram for singers.

Instagram For Singers

Setting Up Account

When you set up an Instagram account for singers, there are some things to do. If you are making a new account, set it up normally. If you have done this, or already have an account, go into the settings and switch to a business account. To do this you will need to link it to a Facebook page. The main reason that you want to do this is it functions like a normal account, but it also has extra features like analytics, insights, and the ability to run ads.

Instagram Bio

When you write the Instagram bio for your account, make sure that it represents who you are. Make sure it cooperates with your image or brand. The best bios explain who they are and what they do with as few words as possible. One thing to have in your bio is to links to your YouTube, Facebook, and maybe a merch store. However, you are only allowed one link in the bio. This is where services like Linktree step in. They allow you to compile all of your links into one so when someone clicks, they are taken to a page with all of your links. The best part about Linktree is that it is free. However, they do have a Pro version for $6 each month with more features.

Profile Picture

As with the bio, your profile picture should represent who you are. If you have never taken professional photos, you may want to consider getting some as they can also be used on other social media platforms. If you do not have the resources for this, many smartphones are now capable of taking high-quality photos. Either way, make sure that the image is formatted properly to look good when it is shrunken down to the profile picture.

Posting As A Musician

When To Post?

Before you consistently post to your social media page to grow your audience, it is important to figure out when you should be posting. When you first start out, it will be hard to determine when you should post, so it is important to experiment with your posting times to see which ones perform better than others. What you want to look for in posts is how much engagement they are getting.

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However, when you have gained more followers, used relevant hashtags, and interacted with people you will be able to get valuable data from the built-in analytics. You want to use your analytics from the business profile to find the best times to be posting. If you find that your audience is mainly millennials who are active early in the morning, around lunch, and after 5 pm then post in those times. Not only that, but these analytics can also help you determine what type of content is the best for your audience. The key is to find the perfect time to post for the best engagement rate possible so more people can see your posts.

Socialmediaweek.org states “Analytics tools are really helpful in monitoring the levels of engagement on social media, websites, and more.” One analytics tool, Hootsuite is a great choice because it offers many other things besides analytics. However, you can still use any other tool you find, and can still stick to the one built into Instagram.

What To Post?

Now that you have found your audience and have determined the best times to post you need to figure out what to post during these times. This could be the type and look of the content you are putting out. This includes a theme, color scheme or look, and being consistent with it.


When you post an image to Instagram, you want to share things that provide your followers with value, while letting your page grow. Some good image ideas are photos from a tour or performance, new merch designs, or even some new lyrics you may be working on. You can also share photos of the tools you use to perform. If these posts do well, companies may come to you or your band for sponsorships or endorsements.


Instagram allows you to post videos that can be up to a minute long. Take advantage of this by posting clips from your latest show or a small video showing your fans how to play a part of one of your songs. Another option is to post a video explaining the meaning behind the lyrics of your latest song. One thing that can drive the engagement rate of your videos up is adding captions. This is because many people are scrolling through Instagram without their sound on. This can cause them to skip your video if there are no captions for them to follow along with.

Live Videos

Live videos are almost the same as the videos themselves, but they differ because it allows for you to interact my directly and in the moment with your followers. This can allow you to better engage with your most active fans who tune into them. Some ideas for a live stream are a backstage tour, a look at the show for those who couldn’t attend, or a stream of you practicing. You can also do a Q&A to answer their questions right there.


Stories allow you to post an image or a video that stays on your page for 24 hours. These don’t necessarily have to be as visually appealing or brand consistent because they are not permanent. When they run out, you can add them to a highlight reel on your page for people to look at after the 24 hours. Stories can be any image you want to post, a short update video, or even a clip from a live stream. If you are verified on a personal account or have 10,000 followers on your business account, you can add a swipe up to your story. This adds a link to the bottom which, when swiped, will take the user to a different website. You can use this to include your merch, tickets to a performance, or to your YouTube, Spotify or SoundCloud. Try to find a way to incorporate this into every story to maximize its benefits. However, if you are a small musician or band without 10k followers, you can mimic this by putting a link in bio sticker when promoting your merch. That way, someone can go from your story to your profile, and then to your Linktree link to buy merch or check out your other social media pages.

Instagram TV

The last use of Instagram for singers is Instagram TV. Instagram TV is very similar to the normal videos that you post. It is also similar to going live. Instagram TV (IGTV) is used to share videos that are longer than one minute. It gets its tv portion of its name due to these videos being up to 10 minutes long, with ceratin accounts being able to go up to one hour in length. If you use this like you would any other video, you can grow your fanbase and get them hooked on a series you create.


When it comes to Instagram for singers, there is a lot to know. It is important to remember that is you use Instagram correctly, you can grow your fanbase and your followers. Two things to take away is to optimize your page and post when your audience is active. Be sure to check out one of our previous articles to learn about some Tips to Sing Louder Without Damaging Your Voice.