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Great Side Jobs For Singers

As you pursue your career in the music industry, you may find that it’s not quite paying the bills yet. While this does not mean you don’t have a promising future as a singer, you may need to get a side job to help cover your expenses. So, what are some side jobs that are perfect for singers looking to make some extra money? Continue reading to learn more about some side hustles for singers.

Side Hustles For Singers

Theme Park

Working at a theme park as a performer or even as a backup singer can give you great experience performing in front of crowds. This is even more beneficial if you are still new to the music industry and are looking to improve on performing live. If you do well and are noticed by one of your supervisors, you could be put on for your own show in the theme park. This can further increase your publicity while giving you a more steady source of income. The average salary of an amusement entertainer is $35,130.

Voice Over

Becoming a voice-over artist, or voice actor is another one of the side hustles for singers. What these people do is record themselves reading a certain phrase, and are then paid for companies using your voice. This can be done in a studio environment, but it can also be done from the comfort of your home with the proper equipment. You can do voice-overs for commercials, tv shows, or even just by reading a book out loud into a microphone. Depending on the job, voice actors could make $250 for a small one-minute commercial. If you have the time to read on, making an audiobook could get you around $3000 depending on the size of the book. Check out this article for some Tips for Recording in Your Home.

Cruise Ships

Becoming a performer for a cruise ship will most likely require you to do the same thing as someone working as an amusement park entertainer. Most times, you will sign a contract to work for one show, or even for six months of performing. Depending on the contract, and cruise liner you are working with, the pay can vary. However many cruise ship performers make between $1,600 to $4,000 each month. In addition to that, you’d be getting paid to travel the world!

Singing Teacher

If you are a good singer and want to share your talent with someone else, you could consider becoming a singing teacher on the side. That way you can still practice your singing whilst also making some extra money. Before you take on any clients, you are going to want to take a course to learn how to teach singing so you can become qualified. This is not required, however, it will give you insights as to what to teach about as there may be some things that are second nature to you, but are not to your clients. It is important to recognize these so you can better help them. Many times, voice lessons cost around $10 – $35 each hour, but professional-level classes will cost around $100 – $200 each hour.

Music Store Salesperson

If you choose to become a music store salesperson you will most likely use the knowledge you have to sell music albums to people or music equipment to someone looking to start their career in the music industry. One of the best perks of a job like this is that it is part-time and you could work with the store owners to get time off to go on tour, or if you need a night off to perform. Due to it being a part-time job you may only be making the minimum wage in your state, but there is still room for you to make more.

Event Singer

Event singers will perform at parties, weddings, and other events. Regardless of whether you are in a band or by yourself, or whatever kind of music you specialize in, you can find an event near you to perform at. You can charge whatever you like to these events and what’s best about them is that you can work at the music store mentioned above and take time off to perform at these events, thus increasing the money you are making.


There are many different side hustles for singers that still involve the music industry in some small way. There are also side hustles that do not necessarily involve the music industry such as becoming an Uber or Lyft driver. Regardless of what you do, you can still pursue your career as a musician.