tips to sing louder

Tips To Sing Louder Without Damaging Your Voice

Many people struggle with the volume of their voices when they sing. To fix this, they turn to quick fixes that allow them to sing louder. However, these can be harmful to your voice and in some cases cause damage to it. So, how do you sing louder without hurting your voice? Continue reading to learn about our tips to sing louder.

How To Sing Louder

Vocal Exercises

The first of our tips to help you sing louder is to warm up your voice and practice with vocal exercises. These can allow you to make sure that you are ready to sing loud without straining your voice. The reason that you want to do these is that your vocal folds are muscles and need a warm-up before a work out just like other muscles.

Runners need to practice and warm-up their muscles before running a marathon. If they don’t, they won’t make it far, and if they do, they will be sore and tired. Just like them, you need to warm-up your muscles before you use them. That way, you can sing louder without the risk of straining your voice.

Stay Hydrated

Even though this tip might seem like an obvious one, many people tend to overlook the importance of it. This is due to water being able to protect your vocal cords from damage. This is why it is important to not only stay hydrated before you perform but take small sips of water throughout it too.

When drinking water, another important thing to note is to drink room temperature water. As tempting as a glass of ice-cold water can be after a performance, it can cause harm to your voice. It does this by making your vocal cords cold. As previously mentioned, your vocal cords are muscles. When muscles get cold, they contract and tense up.


Having good posture when you sing in important to sing in general. If you have good posture, you can also sing louder and project your voice further. This is because when you sing, you need to use your whole body so you can sing louder without putting any strain on your voice.

To make sure that you have the perfect posture when you perform, practice like you are performing. Good singing posture includes standing tall, feet shoulder-width apart, chest high and in an open position and loose position. Another thing to do is to make sure that you are opening your mouth all the way. That way you do not sound muffled when you sing. Most importantly, make sure that your singing posture is comfortable for you. That way you can focus on what you are singing instead of the position that you are standing in.

Stop When Your Voice Hurts

When you practice singing louder so you can project your voice further, you may feel some strain on your voice. If you start to feel like your voice is getting tired, stop singing and take a break. Use this time to rest and get something to eat or drink. Try to only drink water, and eat foods like honey to soothe your throat. Be sure to check out this article to learn about some Foods For Your Voice: 4 Good and 4 Bad.

Breath Support

Breath support is controlling the breath during singing. When you breathe normally, a breath cycle takes around 4 seconds for you to breath in and exhale. However, when you are singing, you will need a much longer time for the breath cycle to complete. Even though it takes longer, you want to make sure that you are not breathing out too much., an online music instructor states “We want to use your breath to the best advantage, letting out just enough air to create a good sound through your vocal folds.” If you use too much of your breath you will run out of the air which can lower the volume of your voice. That is why breath control is important in order to sing louder.

Progress Will Take Time

One thing to know about these tips to help you sing louder is to remember that it is going to take time for your vocal cords to get used to it. This is why you don’t want to push yourself beyond your limits and stop when your voice hurts. Another reason to expect it to take time is if you progress gradually, the chances of you damaging your voice will be lowered.

Runners do not expect to show up on race day and run a marathon without proper practice and training. You should be the same as the way you approach singing. Take the time to prepare yourself and train so you do not damage your voice.

Amplification Tools

Using things such as a microphone with a sound system can improve how loud your voice projects in an instant without any of the other tips mentioned in this article. However, a sound system might not be available each time you sing, so it is important to understand how to sing louder without one.


There are many tips to sing louder. You can use these, but it is important to note that any and all of these tips will take some time for you to get the best results. Another key takeaway is to make sure that you stop to take breaks whenever you feel like your voice is becoming strained.

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