Thanksgiving foods and your voice

How Thanksgiving Food Affects Your Voice

Thanksgiving is a time where friends, family, and loved ones come together to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate with a large meal. However, if you are a singer or someone who uses their voice every day for work, you are going to want to make sure that your voice stays in peak condition. Continue reading to learn more about Thanksgiving foods and your voice.

Thanksgiving Foods And Your Voice


If you are someone who uses their voice a lot you will want to get protein into your diet. This is because it gives you the energy that you need to perform or use your voice for a long period of time. Turkey is a great source of protein and it is also a lean protein.

The Mayo Clinic states that “The leanest meat is white meat from the breast with no skin. If you prefer dark meat, be sure to remove the skin before eating.” This Thanksgiving, try to avoid the skin of the turkey because it contains excess fat that you do not need.


Stuffing is one of the most well-known side dishes at thanksgiving. However, you should try to limit it to a minimum. This is due to various reasons. The first one being that it could have been improperly cooked. Even though the name is stuffing, stuffing it inside of the turkey will not allow it to cook thoroughly and can cause bacteria to spread because it does not get hot enough.

The second reason to why you should limit your stuffing intake on Thanksgiving is because of all the fat in it. Stuffing contains a lot of butter which can be unhealthy for you and your voice. One study published in the National Institutes of Health shows that body weight and body fat volume appears to influence measures of voice quality, vocal aerodynamics, and range performance.


Potatoes are another staple food of any Thanksgiving dinner. However, there are some things that you should know before you eat too much of them. Mashed potatoes contain many other ingredients besides the potato. Most recipes call for added butter, which mentioned above, can affect your voice.

In addition to that, many recipes also call for milk or other dairy products. These can also affect you and your voice. The Voice Care Network, an educational, non-profit corporation that teaches healthy and expressive voice skills states that “Eating dairy products often causes increased throat mucus for many.” If this happens to you, you may want to consider laying off on the potatoes, especially if you have a performance after Thanksgiving dinner.


There are many different drinks that are found at thanksgiving. The most common being cider, soda, water, and alcoholic beverages like wine. If you want to look after your voice in the best way possible, you need to watch what you drink, along with what you eat.

To best care for your voice at Thanksgiving, you should stick to drinking room-temperature water. It is recommended that you drink 64 ounces of water each day. In a Q&A at UT Southwestern Medicine, one health professional stated that “If you enjoy a caffeinated or alcoholic drink, you need to add more water to your daily consumption.” If you have a 12-ounce soda can, you will need to add 12 more ounces of water.


Vegetables are very healthy and important for all aspects of your health. One nutrient to look for in your veggies is vitamin A. This is because vitamin A helps keep your mucous membranes healthy. You can find vitamin A in many vegetables like:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Squash
  • Spinach
  • Kale


Dessert is arguably the best part of Thanksgiving dinner. However, it may also be the worst for your voice so it is wise to limit the dessert that you eat on Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie is most likely the best as long as you avoid whipped cream due to the dairy. If you have a performance around thanksgiving, it would be smart to save the pie for afterward.


When it comes to Thanksgiving foods and your voice, There are many different ways that they can affect your voice. It is vital to remember to limit certain foods and to get more of others. It is also important to know that most of these effects are only temporary, so if you do not have a performance coming up you should be able to enjoy Thanksgiving and treat yourself along with everyone else. Be sure to check out this article for more Foods For You Voice.

From everyone here at Clear Voice, have a Happy Thanksgiving!