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One-Hit Wonders of the Music Industry

There is a lot of music out there, good and bad. These singers were all lucky enough to have a great hit. A minute in the spotlight. Unfortunately, their music careers did not go very far. Here are some of the one-hit wonders of the music industry.

Vanilla Ice

This artist is known for his song, “Ice, Ice, Baby” and maybe his hair, but that is about it. Not too many people have heard any of his other music, but almost everyone has heard “Ice, Ice, Baby”. Bonus points if you know all the words!

Los Del Rio

Their song has a fun dance almost everyone knows! They are known for their song, “Macarena”.

Carl Douglas

This Jamaican artist sang one of the most exciting and catchy disco songs out there. His song, “Kung Foo Fighting” is still sung by many today. The song has appeared in many movies, including the popular kids’ movie, Kung Foo Panda.

The Surfaris

Another popular song used in movies is the song “Wipe Out” by the Surfaris. Other than the Beach Boys, this song is used for beach scenes in many movies.

Bobby McFerrin

One of the happiest songs out there, Bobby wrote the song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. This upbeat acapella song was instantly a hit. This song is perfect for when you are feeling down a need a little pick me up.

Tal Bachman

His popular song “She’s So High” become a number one hit when it was released. It has appeared in movies and almost everyone knows the song. However, it was the only song that the artist had any success with. He did release another single a few years later, but it never gained any attention.


This singer’s top hit also has a fun dance. The “Cupid Shuffle” is played at almost any event with a dance floor. Best of all, the dance is one of the easiest line dances to learn. Unfortunately for Cupid, his music career did not go anywhere after the success of “Cupid Shuffle”. He even auditioned for The Voice, but never actually made it onto the show.

The music industry is very competitive. However, these one-hit wonders of the music industry managed to get their music out there. Creating a top hit is still quite the accomplishment, even if their careers did not go far. Releasing a top hit is something any music artist dreams of. The luck of a singer can change almost overnight. Check out these singers who were discovered on YouTube and are still famous today. Don’t forget to also check out our Clear Voice Spray to help keep your voice healthy and clear for performances.