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Most Awarded Singers of All Time

Earning an award in the singing industry is a big deal. Only the most beloved singers and performers are even nominated. Here are some of the most awarded singers of all time. These are people that help shape our culture and inspire other musicians to chase their dreams of being able to perform for others.

Taylor Swift

Just this year, Taylor Swift broke the record for the most awarded AMA artist. The last time this record was broken was by Michael Jackson in 2009. She now holds 29 AMA’s, which is a big deal. The singer is still young and could very likely earn many more in the years to come. Not only that, but she also holds the most Billboard music awards, an event that has been held annually since 1990. She has also won 10 Grammy awards, which have been taking place since 1959.

Michael Jackson

After being surpassed by Taylor Swift, the king of pop, Michael Jackson, now sits as the second singer with the most AMA awards. He has won a total of 26 AMA’s, which is still very impressive. He held his position for ten years after passing away in 2009. Not only that, but he also has 13 Grammy awards.

Justin Bieber

Although he only has 1 Grammy award, the singer has won 20 Billboard Music Awards and 15 AMA’s. He has been winning awards since his bowl haircut and is one of the most awarded singers of all time.

Garth Brooks

With 2 Grammy awards, 17 AMA’s, and 16 Billboard Music Awards. On top of that, this country singer has also won 15 Country Music Awards. This leaves him as the most awarded country singer of all time.

Whitney Houston

This music legend, who passed away in 2012, has an impressive 7 Grammy awards. She has also won 20 AMA’s and 6 Billboard Music Awards.

Quincy Jones

His music may not be popular nowadays, but this singer has won more Grammy’s than any other singer in history. He has a total of 28 Grammy awards. The only person who has won more Grammy’s than him is the music conductor, Georg Solti.


This iconic star is the highest awarded female singer of the Grammy’s. She has an impressive 22 awards! She has also won 9 AMA’s and 13 Billboard Music Awards.


gold trophy for an award

This powerhouse has 15 Grammy’s awards. She is even one of two women to win the album of the year twice.

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