how to learn lines

Tips For Learning Lines

Once you landed the audition you have been practicing hours for, you will be handed a script and are expected to learn your lines. However, many people tend to struggle with this and can get discouraged. So, what can you do to memorize the script? Continue reading to find out how to learn lines.

How To Learn Lines


While this may seem obvious, some people tend to overlook the importance of this. Just simply reading the scripts in your head a few times can help it stick. To further this, you can read them out loud so you are able to hear for yourself what they sound like.

Write It Out

Writing your lines out can help you memorize long scenes or speeches. The New York Film Academy states “Writing your lines out by hand forces your mind to connect to the action of writing the lines down and seeing the lines.” Be sure to only write out your lines so you do not get confused or distracted by anyone else lines. Another thing to note is that you should not type them out as it does not work the same as writing them out with pen and paper.

Practice With Someone

After you have gone over your lines with yourself and written them out, you can practice with a friend. If available, make sure that this friend is also an actor and preferably in the same show that you are in.

If you run your lines with another actor, they can coach you on what you need to work on and give direction as to what to do. You can then repay the favor to them by helping them with their lines.

Use An App

If you do not have someone available to run your lines with, you can download an app on your phone to help you learn lines. The New York Film Academy recommends the Rehearsal 2 app. While it is quite pricy at $19.99 they state that, “It allows you to highlight lines in the app, record other characters’ lines, and use it as a teleprompter.” Other apps that you can use to learn your lines are ones like Rehearsal Pro or Line Learner. Social Media Week has a list of more apps that are made for actors that you can see here.

Learn Cue Lines

Cue lines are the lines spoken by a different character that leads into the lines that you say. If you get into the habit of learning and memorizing these lines, you can get your brain to remember your lines once these are said. If you learn these lines, you can deliver yours in a timely manner.

Quiz Yourself

After you have done the other things on the list, and you think that you know your lines pretty well, you can quiz yourself on your lines. There are many ways to do this, with the easiest being to cover up a page and recite your lines without taking a peek.

Another way to do this is to have a friend read your cue lines and then you recite it. If you keep practicing and are able to go through the whole page, you can move on to the next one until you work up to being able to recite your lines from the entire show.

Take A Break

Taking a break from practicing can help you do many things. It can allow you to rest and relax your mind. While you rest, your brain can process the information it just acquired. You can do this by taking a nice, quiet walk through a park or by going for a drive around town. Just try not to get any road rage, as it can distract you from rest.

The last way to take a break is to take a short nap. All you need is a 20-30 minute power nap to get your brain to process it. If you want to improve your nap, listen to a recording of the show or just your lines to better remember them.


Memorizing what you need to say is not as hard as it may seem if you know how to learn lines. One thing to remember is that it will take time and practice in order to get it right. If it is available, try not to cram in all of the memorizing all at once. If you have the time, take the opportunity to slow down so you can better remember when it comes time to perform. Be sure to also check out one of our previous articles to learn How To Prepare For An Audition.