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Learn How to Sing in Tune

Most people struggle when it comes to singing. They believe that they just were not given the gift to sing and give up. However, what a lot of people do not realize is that anyone can sing. Some people may have been given a natural-born talent, but it is a skill that anyone can acquire. The first step to singing is being able to learn how to sing in tune.

Make Sure You Are Not Tone Deaf

Practicing will be more difficult for those who are tone-deaf. However, this condition is extremely rare. Those who believe they are tone deaf may not be and just need more practice and control over their voices. Tests are available online to find out if you are tone-deaf. The test listed here is one of the most effective for finding out if you are tone-deaf. If so, learning to sing in tune will be more complicated and may require a professional vocal coach.

Stay in Your Vocal Range

Everyone has a vocal range. Trying to sing outside of this range will make it difficult to sing in tune and will most likely strain your voice. There are ways to expand your singing range, but that is a task to save for professional singers. Sticking to your range will make it easier to master your voice.

Try Exercises for Practicing Pitch

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There are a lot of ways to practice your pitch. One of the most common ways to practice pitch is to sing scales. This is done by singing an octave of notes, A to G. Many people also practice pitch using a digital tuner. There are even apps you can download on your phone or tablet for a tuner. Many people use these to tune their instruments, but they are great for tuning your voice as well. Some great apps include:

Keep Practicing

Most importantly, just keep practicing! Professional singers practice over and over to get their notes right. Remember that it is a skill and all skills need practice. For more tips on singing, check out our article, Singing Tips from Professionals.