vocal myths

Myths About Your Voice

When it comes to singing, there are many different myths that come up. Are these myths true, or are they in fact incorrect. Continue reading to learn more about some vocal myths and the verdict on whether or not they are true.

Vocal Myths

You should not drink caffeine before you sing

This myth is one of the correct ones. That morning coffee or energy drink mid-day can help you stay awake and alert, however, it also covers up any pain that your throat might have. At first, you might think that this is good, but when you really think about it, you still have pain, but you don’t recognize it. That will lead to your throat not healing and being in more pain later.

A little bit of caffeine is fine, as long as it is in moderation. Excess caffeine can also lead to your throat drying up. If you do need caffeine, you should aim to drink water or fruit juice to wash it down.

Alcohol Can Soothe Your Throat

This myth is in fact false. Drinking alcohol before you perform, no matter how little the amount is, can actually dry out your throat and leave you with an inability to hit high notes. It can also prevent you from using your voice at its maximum potential. The best way to keep your voice at its peak is to avoid alcohol until after the show.

After the show, it is important to limit your alcohol intake as well. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can create long-lasting damage to your voice.

Honey Can Soothe Your Throat

Unlike alcohol, consuming honey can actually be beneficial for your voice.
There are many people who use honey as a way to help with their sore throats. Adding honey to tea or even warm water can help soothe and relax your voice. You can also just have honey by itself if you prefer.

Whispering Can Help Save My Voice

This one is true in some cases, but not all of them. Whispering can help you from overusing your voice but people still want to be heard when they whisper so they put a strain on their voice. This counters the entire purpose and can cause damage. The best way to save your voice is to talk quietly without forcing yourself.

Food Will Not Affect Your Voice

What you eat in fact does have an effect on your voice and vocal health. If you eat foods such as fast food every day then you might not be able to sing at your best. Some other things to look out for are dairy products because they can cause acid reflux. To learn more about some foods that are good and that are bad for your voice, check out one of our recent blog posts here.

Drinking-Water During a Performance Helps

It is important to get enough water before you perform so that your vocal cords stay hydrated, however chugging a glass between songs might not be the right thing to do. Instead, you should sip water so no air bubbles get into your stomach. If you do decide to sip water, make sure that it is room temperature and not cold.


To summarize the article, don’t drink caffeine before you sing, dont drink alcohol before singing or excessively, use honey to soothe your voice, whisper the right way, eat the right foods, and last but not least sip on water during your performance. There are also many more vocal myths that are out there, but these ones are the ones that are commonly questioned.

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