making money with your voice

How To Make Money With Your Voice

Most people use their voices to do their job every day. However, what if you could turn your voice into your job all from the comfort of your home? Continue reading to learn more about making money with your voice.

Making Money With Your Voice


If you choose to make money with your voice by entertaining others there are a few paths you can take. These are singing, podcasting and comedy. Each of these has its own requirements.

Singing: Singers need to be able to perform long shows and keep their voices in shape. When starting out, you will be able to work from home or get a few gigs at restaurants. However, as you continue to grow you might want to consider getting a studio so you can expand your business.

Podcasting: Podcasters are able to work comfortably at home or in the office. Before you start you need to make sure that you have all the equipment that you will need like a microphone and soundproof walls. It will also take time for your podcast to pick up and for you to become successful.

Comedy: Stand up comedians need to do a lot of work if they want to succeed. They need to write their own jokes or be able to come up with them on the spot. They also need to book a gig at a restaurant/bar or find one with an open mic night.

Voice Overs

Voice over artists is also commonly called voice actors. They record themselves saying certain things and are paid for these recordings. Some people record in a studio while others find that they can do it at home. Here are some examples of voice over jobs that you can do.


Many companies are always looking for someone to voice their commercials. This is where you step in and record yourself reading the script. If you have done this before, consider compiling all of your previous commercials into a portfolio to give out as a demo to future clients. Each commercial you voice over can make you around $250 for a small minute-long commercial.


The next voice acting job you can get is through media. This could be voicing a character in a new tv show. It could also be voicing a character in one of the latest video games too. Voice actors for these jobs are usually paid per job and these jobs can range from $20 to hundreds of dollars for an hour of work. On average these actors make $17.50 per hour.

Audio Books

Audiobooks are becoming more and more popular each day. This is because people are able to listen to them whether they are folding laundry, driving in the car, or even at work. With this demand, many authors and audiobook publishing companies are looking for voice actors. These jobs can make you quite a sum of money. You could end up making over $3000 for one book. It all depends on the size of the book too.

Getting Started

There are many different ways to get started with voice over career. One of the best ways is to sign up for a website like Fiverr. Fiverr is a website that allows you to sell your voice over services to people around the world. The base amount for a service is $5 and you can include add-ons to up the price too. To record you are going to want to get a good microphone a find a quiet sound-proof area in your home. Some people start out in their closet, if it is big enough, and then move to a different location when they have it soundproofed.


Making money with your voice is not hard if you put in the time and maybe a little bit of money. To recap you can voice act in games or tv shows, voice-over a commercial or audiobook, and even entertain people online.

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