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Worst Habits for Your Voice

One of the main thing singers and vocalists worry about are their vocal folds (or vocal cords). Keeping your vocal cords healthy requires work and staying away from things that could damage or scar them. Here are some of the worst habits for your voice and how you can prevent them.

Straining your Voice

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This is one of the worst things you can do to your throat. Straining your voice is easier to do than you might think. Some things that may cause you to strain your voice are talking too loud or too quietly. Yes, even whispering can strain your vocal cords. Overusing your voice is terrible, so make sure to give it a break when your voice feels tired or hoarse. Make sure to also allow your voice to rest when you are sick. Sickness has been known to put stress on the voice.

Another thing you may not have considered is stress. Stress causes muscles in the neck to tighten and as a result, can strain your voice when you go to sing. Things that may cause stress are big events in life or even just day-to-day things. Your daily routine may not seem stressful, but over time it can wear out your body.


Drinking plenty of water is extremely important. It helps keep your vocal cords lubricated. Water that is room temperature is recommended as well. Another thing many people do to keep their voices healthy is a humidifier. The steam from a humidifier helps keep the vocal cords moist. Using one at night could also help prevent a dry throat when you wake up in the morning.

Too Much Alcohol or Caffeine

Limiting the amount of alcohol and caffeine should be taken seriously when it comes to the health of your voice. Too much alcohol and caffeine can cause the throat to become dry since it makes the body lose water and become dehydrated. Another thing alcohol does is irritate the mucous membranes in the throat.

Not Eating a Healthy Diet

Keeping your body healthy through a nutritious diet is another important thing you need for a healthy voice. Your body needs vitamins like vitamins A, E, and C to maintain its health. You can get these vital nutrients by eating proper amounts of fruits vegetables, and whole grains daily. You can also get these vitamins by taking a supplement.


Finally, the worst habit for your voice is smoking. Smoking dries out the vocal cords and eventually the rest of your throat. Some singers are tempted to smoke for a raspy singing voice, but in the long run, it will be detrimental to your voice and your overall health. Once enough damage is done to your voice after smoking, it is unrepairable.

Avoiding these worst habits for your voice is so important. However, improving these bad habits will help keep your voice healthy and clear. Check out our Clear Voice Spray to help keep your voice moist and clear for any event.