Jobs for People Who Love to Talk

Most of us spend a large portion of our days talking, but there are some who enjoy it more than others. Whether it be a passion entertaining or joy to communicate with others and passing on knowledge, there are many jobs out there for people who love to talk. Continue reading to find out if there is one out there that suits you.


Politicians use there voice every day. They use it to convey their viewpoints so that they get the people’s approval and hopefully bring change. Without using their voice it would be hard to get into office. In 2019 a United States senator makes $174,000 per year. One of the best parts is that there are only three qualifications aside from getting the votes. These are:

  • At least 30 years old
  • Have been a US citizen for 9 years
  • Have residency in the state you are running for


Entertainers such as online streamers, comedians, and podcasters use their voices actively every day. They are even sometimes using them on stream for 10 to 12 hours in one day and about 5 to 6 times a week. Besides having a decent computer to stream on there are no qualifications. Depending on how many subscribers you have you could be making anywhere between $3000 to $5000 a month, with the top streamers earning around $37,000 a month and that is not even including sponsorships and donations as well. Podcasters can earn around the same as online streamers due to their income relying on how many viewers they have. Stand-up comedians make roughly $30,000 per year.

High School Teacher

Teachers use their voice to teach their students all day long for five days a week. They also need to know the material on which they are speaking about, and need to have enough vocal stamina to make it through the day. On average teachers make around $59,170 every year. One amazing benefit is having the summers off as well. Some qualifications of being a teacher are:

  • Having a Bachelors degree
  • State certification
  • Possible additional training


Whether they are reporting live on camera or publishing articles on a website, reporters need to be able to talk. They need this ability because they are conducting interviews to get the latest scoop. Some requirements of reporters are having a bachelor’s in journalism or communications, and an internship at a college newspaper or something similar. On average, a reporter makes about $40,910 per year.


Whether you are coaching football or a track coach, you will be using your voice. That is because at practice, or at the big game as a coach it is your job to motivate and teach the athletes who compete. Some coaching positions might require a bachelor’s degree along with knowledge of the sport you are coaching in. Most coaches make around $32,270 per year depending on what level you are coaching at.

Trial Attorney

Trial attorneys represent their clients in court, using evidence and facts to argue in their client’s favor. This requires them to be able to speak for long periods of time in the courtroom. They also have to speak with their clients beforehand to get information. Most starting attorneys make around $119,250 per year. There are a few qualifications to be an attorney. These include:

  • A bachelor’s degree and a law degree
  • Pass Bar exam in all states that you practice law in

We hope that you have found any of these jobs for people to love to talk interesting. Check out one of our previous posts to learn about Who Would Benefit From a Vocal Spray