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How To Prepare For An Audition

Preparing for an audition can seem like a daunting task. However, you can make it a lot easier as long as you know what to do. Continue reading to learn our tips on how to prepare for an audition.

Get The Audition

As silly as it may sound before you start preparing for an audition, you should probably get one. If you need to pre-register to get the audition, then you need to go online and make sure that you are registered. Sometimes, auditions won’t have this and you can just show up at a certain time.

Preparing Your Music

Preparing your music is not only just practicing what songs to sing. It is also deciding what songs to sing. Choose songs that fit with what you are auditioning for. If it is for a rock band, it is probably best if you don’t sing an opera song. It would also be beneficial to choose a song that you are already familiar and that fits your voice and vocal range. Doing these can help make your audition go a little bit smoother.

How To Prepare For An Audition

The Day Before

The day before your audition should be a day for you to relax and clear your mind. Some ways to do this could be spending the day with friends or walking through a quiet park. It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are relaxing and not using your vocal cords too much.

Before you go to bed you should also aim to get everything ready that you are going to need the next day. This includes setting out your clothes so you don’t have to worry about it the next day. Other things you should make sure you have are your keys to your car, and maybe even some Clear Voice Vocal Spray.

The Day Of

Now that the day of your audition is finally here there are some things that you need to do. Make sure that you get up early so you have time for everything. When you take a shower, turn the water up to a high temperature to take advantage of the steam. Be sure to also leave plenty of time to travel to the audition and get there early.

When deciding what to have for breakfast, there are somethings that you should consider. These being, “Is this food good for my voice?”, and “How is this going to affect my voice?”. Check out one of our previous articles on Foods for Your Voice: 4 Good and 4 Bad.

During The Audition

Now that it is time for your audition you should remember a few things. Try your best and sing your heart out. Even if you feel like you have not performed to your best ability it is important to stay and thank the judges for their time as it will leave a good impression.


At some point, everyone, including the best singers today, has wondered how to prepare for an audition. They all have overcome the fears that come with it and so can you.

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