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Best American Idol Auditions

There are a lot of American Idol audition videos out there, both good and bad. Some auditions, however, are better than others. Here are some of the best American Idol auditions ever performed on camera. Something is inspiring about watching these stars get their first real shot at achieving their dreams and goals in life.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is known as one of the most successful and most well-known contestants from American Idol. She not only won over the judges with her voice but with her fun and playful personality as well during her audition. It was an easy yes from all the judges.

Carrie Underwood

One singer not many know got her start on American Idol, is Carrie Underwood. She is a country singing legend. She walked onto her audition nervous and a little unsure of what to expect, but the judges immediately knew she would be going to Hollywood. Wait until the end for an unexpected talent of hers.

Jordan Sparks

She walked onto her audition happy and confident. At only 16-years-old she wowed the judges!

Adam Lambert

Already a performer, he decided to give American Idol a shot. He was one of the first to make it onto American Idol with a theatrical style and voice. The judges finally decided it was time to mix things up a bit with this one and sent him to Hollywood.

Kris Allen

Not everyone is a performer. While he may not have won them over with his personality, he certainly won them over with his voice.

Jennifer Hudson

She walked onto her audition confident and she had every right to be! The judges were impressed by her voice and sent her to Hollywood without question or any tips for improvement.

Philip Phillips

Yes, that is his real name. This country boy showed up and immediately wowed the judges with his unique and energetic voice. He is an act you cannot forget, so check it out!

Emily Wynne-Hughes

Skip to 0:45 for the audition. She is unique and her voice is strong. She sang one of the most difficult songs to sing and her audition was absolutely rock n’ roll.

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