Who Would Benefit From a Vocal Spray?

In the modern world, there are many careers that involve speaking or using your voice frequently. This can lead to conditions such as a dry throat. Luckily there are vocal sprays on the market, such as Clear Voice that can help with these issues. Continue reading to learn more about who would benefit from using a vocal spray.


The first and most common person who would benefit from a vocal spray is a singer. Singers need their voices to be in their best condition so that they can get through their performance. That is why singers use Clear Voice after shows and while on tour. James Chambers, otherwise known as Jimmy Cliff, a Jamaican ska and reggae musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and actor had this to say about Clear Voice. “I use Clear Voice when I sing, whether I’m in the studio or on tour, it really works!” There are many more singers who use Clear Voice and say it works for them. Check out our page to find out if your favorite singer uses Clear Voice.


Whether they are campaigning across the country or having a meeting with others, politicians are always using their voice to convey their viewpoints. That can lead to a dry throat and an uncomfortable feeling. Using a vocal spray like Clear Voice can help eliminate that problem.


There are many different kinds of entertainers who can benefit from using a vocal spray. Whether they be a comedian or an online streamer, they can benefit from a vocal spray. Newsinhealth.com says this about overusing your voice. “Overuse and misuse of your voice such as screaming, cheering, or talking above loud background noises can strain your vocal folds. It’s best to avoid such activities.” Sometimes for entertainers, it is hard to not overuse their voice because they rely on it to do their jobs. Online streamers who spend 8-10 hours a day oftentimes 5-6 times a week streaming can suffer from a dry throat. Comedians who perform almost nightly like some singers can suffer from the same conditions that they do.


Some other careers that could benefit from using a vocal spray are people who are lawyers who spend hours at trials or consulting with clients. Another career choice that can benefit from using a vocal spray is a teacher. Teachers spend their days actively teaching students and their voices can take a toll. This leads to a dry, uncomfortable throat that if the conditions continue can lead to even worse consequences.


There are many people besides singers who would benefit from a vocal spray. If you use your voice actively throughout the day, you would benefit from using a vocal spray such as Clear Voice.