singer with low lights and smoke warming up your voice

The Importance of Warming Up Your Voice

There are many benefits to warming up your voice. It can get you ready to perform and can also keep your voice from being damaged during your performance. That is why most people choose to warm-up. Continue reading to learn more about why warming up your voice is important and how to do it yourself.

What is a Voice?

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The sound of your voice comes from the vibration of your vocal folds. Vocal folds are two bands of smooth muscle that are positioned on opposite sides of the larynx. As you begin to use your voice, the vocal cords snap together while the air from the lungs blows past them which causes them to vibrate.

The reason why people’s voices sound so different from each other is that the shape and size of their vocal cords are different. This changes the pitch, volume, and tone.

There are a lot of people who use their voice for their work. People such as singers, teachers, lawyers, and salespeople are just a few who are actively using their voice. If they do not warm up their voice they could be at risk of developing a vocal problem. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), state that, “An estimated 17.9 million adults in the US report problems with their voice.” That is almost 12% of adults living in the US, and there could be many more who haven’t reported a problem. Warming up your voice can help reduce the chances that you obtain a voice problem.

What is Warming Up Your Voice?

Warming up your voice is getting your voice ready to perform. Just as an athlete would warm up by running, it is important to warm-up your voice by doing small exercises and gradually work your way up to larger ones. Warming up does a lot for your voice. It can allow the muscles that you use to sing to work at their fullest potential. When you warm-up you not only are preparing yourself physically, but you are also mentally preparing yourself.

Our Tips on How To Warm-Up

There are many ways to warm up. Different exercises can warm up your voice in different ways. Starting out by humming or using a lip trill to wake up your vocal cords and get them ready. Then choose what you want to focus on warming up like if you want to focus on breath control or if you want to focus more on relaxing your tongue. After you’ve chosen what to work on you can choose what exercise you want to do. If you need ideas on what exercise to do, check out one of our previous articles.