5 Tips to Keep Your Voice In Shape

There are many different reasons to keep your voice in shape. Whether you have a big performance coming up, have an important presentation or just want it to be the best it can there are ways to keep your voice healthy. Continue reading to learn our tips to keep your voice in shape.

What is a Voice?

The National Institutes of Health, otherwise known as the NIH state that “The sound of your voice comes from vibrations of your vocal folds.” Vocal folds are the two bands of smooth muscle that are positioned on opposite sides of the larynx. When you speak, the vocal folds snap together while air blows past them which causes them to vibrate. As the vibrations travel through your throat, your voice comes together.

Our Tips to Keep Your Voice In Shape

Warm-Up: Warming up your voice before a performance or presentation is important because it allows the muscles in your throat to loosen up and can help reduce the risk of you losing your voice.

Keep An Eye On Your Voice: If you feel like your throat is feeling scratchy or a little hoarse, it is important to not overuse your voice. Resting your voice as much as you can is important for the health of it. Drinking room-temperature water can also help out your voice.

Avoid Certain Foods: Another of our tips to keep your voice in shape is to avoid certain foods. Dairy products like milk and cheese can actually be harmful to your voice. If you want more information on which foods to avoid and which are good for you please read our previous article about it.

Don’t misuse your voice: Misuse of the voice can include yelling or screaming. Another tip is to try not to talk loudly in noisy areas. If you are speaking publicly or to a large group, it would be wise to get a microphone or some other form of sound amplification to help keep your voice in shape.

Use a Vocal Spray: Vocal Sprays such as the ones we sell here at Clear Voice can help keep your voice in shape. We have four great flavors to choose from as well. These include Cherry Apple, Fresh Mint, Honey Lemon, and Strawberry Lemonade. One amazing benefit of a vocal spray is the fact that they are easy to use.


If you follow these tips to keep your voice in shape, along with any others you seem fit that you find, you can keep your voice in shape. For more information about Clear Voice please visit our website. To purchase some for yourself, please visit our shop.