Foods For Your Voice: 4 Good and 4 Bad

Whether you are getting ready to perform on stage or you just want to take better care of your voice, it is important to know which foods are good for your voice and which ones can limit it. Continue reading to learn more about how different foods can affect your voice.

Good Food For Your Voice

There are many foods that can help keep your voice in shape. Whether they can soothe your throat or are just a snack that doesn’t affect it in any bad way, these are foods that are good for your voice.

Fresh Fruits

It is better for your voice to eat fresh fruit than it is to have a fruit juice. That is because whole fruits contain a lot more nutritional value. They also taste better than the sugary juices.


Chicken is a great food for singers because it provides protein. Protein is great because it gives people the energy they need to speak for longer periods of time. Chicken is one of the better choices because it is a lean protein.


Just like chicken, fish can be very beneficial to those who are actively using their voice because it is a lean source of protein. Baking or broiling your fish in your oven can allow you to use less oil than you would use frying it.


If you add a little honey to your water it can help soothe your throat. Having it first thing in the morning can help you on show days. It does help prevent vocal strain, but it is also important to remember that honey is mostly sugar which is not that good.

Bad Food For Your Voice

There are many foods out there that can limit your vocal ability. Whether they restrict your vocal cords or have little to no benefits, these are foods that you should stay away from if you are trying to keep your voice it the best shape possible.

Dairy Products

The human body has difficulty breaking down dairy products. It causes acid reflux that can burn your vocal cords. It thickens the mucus already in your throat and causes you to want to clear your throat more often.

Ice Water

Most people would say that water is great for keeping your throat hydrated. While that is true, it is important to note that they may be speaking about room temperature water. Ice water can constrict your vocal cords and cause your voice to not be at it’s best.


Soda is full of sugar which can cause your voice to wear out quickly. Not only that, but it is also carbonated, which can lead to burping when you are out on stage. It is also advised to stay away from diet drinks because they contain more caffeine in them.


It is important to eat something because your body needs food to make energy. Eating nothing at all can also distract you from what you are trying to do. Although it is important to not stuff yourself because then you will feel bloated while you speak or perform.


There are many more good foods for your voice, as well as bad ones. It is important to also know that you should always eat something to give your body energy. If you do find that your voice is scratchy and you can’t sing well then you should consider trying out our Clear Voice Vocal Spray.