Voice Strengthening Exercises for Deep Voices

If you want to make your voice sound deeper, then you should know that you are not alone in this situation. We can give you some tips on strengthening your voice with these voice strengthening exercises.

Some use this as their way of living such as singers, barkers, TV or radio host, call center agents and many other occupations that make use of the voice most of the time. Therefore, it is critical to maintaining and strengthen our vocal chords by voice strengthening exercises.

It has also been noted that over the years, the general voice tone of the world’s population has decreased some few notes, not just among men, but among women too! This is just to say how people all over the world are doing everything they can to transform their voices and make them sound better. There are few things, tips, and tricks for voice strengthening exercises, and I will give you some of them in this article.

Some Voice Strengthening Exercises

1- Your Neck Muscles:
Your neck muscles have a lot to do as far as the sound of your voice is concerned. Strengthening your neck muscles will help develop a deep voice, and there are many voice strengthening exercises (online and offline) that you can use to get those neck muscles to produce your desired voice tone.

2- Your Posture Has A Lot to Do with Your Voice Tone:
Many people don’t know this, but it is true that posture is essential to the pitch of a person’s voice. You can test different postures, and the one with the best low voice results should be the one you choose. It might be different from individual to individual, so you will have to find which posture works best for you.

3- Humming And Speaking In A Slow:
This has been said many times before, and I will say it here again since it works to make your voice sound deeper when properly done. Humming and speaking in a slow manner with focused deliberation, while slowly raising and lowering your head from the point where your chin touches your chest will go a long way loosen the voice box and enable your voice to break, even more, thereby producing and resonating deeper notes.

4- Scream Singing:
To make your voice sound deeper, you can also do this exercise that is called scream singing. Now, this is a controversial voice deepening exercise that involves screaming, but it can work when done correctly. This is done by scream-singing along heavy metal rock songs. Don’t overdo this one as it might damage your vocal cords!

Some Other Voice Strengthening Exercises

Another technique is controlling the amount of air while singing. It is not enough to sing, sing and sing; music experts believed that voice strengthening exercises could help a lot for your to sing like a pro. Air control while the vocal chords are vibrating to produce sound is one effective vocal chord strengthening exercise.

The next voice strengthening exercises include also exercising the tongue. A French scientist believed that the hypo-glosses muscle in the tongue plays a vital part to produce power in the voice and the vocal chords. To exercise the tongue muscle, you need to first relax it flat in the mouth. Then start to roll both sides towards the center of the tongue so that it creates a passage or groove in the middle. The strength of the vocal chord is believed to be influenced by this movement.

These are only the basic voice strengthening exercises. There are a lot of exercises available which suit every voice range. Music experts and music trainers are always the best resources. They can assist to improve your singing or speaking voice through vocal chords strengthening exercises. In fact, you can enroll in formal classes for vocal chords exercises.

Other sources are DVDs or VCDs that you can always play in your home at your convenient time. Also, you can find some voice strengthening exercises on the Internet. As said, there are a lot of ways if you want to improve your voice. Just like the body, it needs an appropriate exercise to remain healthy. Our vocal chords need the appropriate voice strengthening exercises to function efficiently.