Sore Throat Remedies and Throat Pain Relief for Singers & Speakers

Understanding the various sore throat remedies can be a boost to a majority of singers and public speakers. Because of being unaware of throat pain relief techniques, most of them have failed to impress as per their wish and, therefore, the need to know different natural relief for sore throat is paramount. In this article, I will discuss the various natural products that singer and speakers can use to alleviate the sore throat pain and other related problems.

Clear voice Vocal Spray:

This is a natural product that is made from a combination of herbs such as Osha Root, Aloe Vera, and Marjoram among others. It helps to eliminate your scratchy, dry, and irritated voice to make you sound at your best voice ever. With Clear Voice, there is no need of panicking because of common problems such as a pitchy or cracking voice. It is one of the best natural products to soothe, amplify, and perfect your vocal performance. It comes in different flavors such as cherry apple, fresh mint, strawberry lemonade, and honey-lemon to meet the needs of all singers and speaker. Its use is not limited as you can use it between songs, before the show, or after the performance to soothe and prepare your throat for another day. A majority of bands, who perform several times in a single week, use clear voice vocal spray to ensure they remain at the peak of their voices at all the times and helps ensure relief for a sore throat.Clear Voice banner

Salt Water:

Research conducted at the University of Maryland medical Center shows that salt water is a good throat pain relief. Gargling with warm salt water is great for relief for sore throat by shrinking the inflamed tissues. The right amount is a half teaspoonful of table salt mixed with a glass of warm water. Gargle a mouthful sip and spit the content after it cools. This will help.

Hot Tea:

Studies shows that a cup of warm herbal is another good relief for sore throat. It offers an immediate soothing relief to a paining throat. Hot tea helps to increase the blood flow which helps to relieve pain from the irritated tissues. As an alternative to water, tea also helps with relief for sore throat while keeping your throat tissues moist.


Studies from the University of Pennsylvania indicate that honey is better in coating and soothing the throat. This research shows that honey is far much better than cough syrup in relieving the throat pain. It contains natural anti-microbial properties that help to fight throat infections. A teaspoon of honey, plain or mixed with hot tea, will help to solve your throat pain.

Lemon Juice:

According to Dr. Andre Rentea from Chicago, lemon juice added to a cup of tea or honey can be a good relief for sore throat. Mix a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Use this mixture to wet a cotton sheet and wrap it around your throat. Cover it with a wool scarf and leave for 30 minutes to an hour.

Chicken Soup:

Like other sore throat remedies, chicken soup is also excellent for throat pain relief. According to doctor Linder, the sodium contained in the broth has anti-inflammatory properties to help with a sore throat.

Olive Oil:

A majority of opera singers use the olive oil as a natural remedy for sore throat pain. Most of them are said to gargle the oil before starting their performance, as it helps to lubricate their vocal chords. Therefore, it is recommended to use the olive oil as your primary cooking oil when cooking below 340F.


This plant has been for many years in the form of tea as one of the natural sore throat remedies. According to anecdotal reports, modern-day marshmallows are good for easing sore throat pain. They contain gelatin that coats and soothes the throat. Since it is slippery, it is the best for people whose throats are swollen and cannot swallow anything hard.


It helps to reduce the swelling of inflamed throat tissues. Additionally, it thins your mucus to help clear out your throat. It is taken with tea. Add two teaspoons of the chopped herb in a cup of boiling water and boil for ten minutes. Strain and drink.


Dryness is one of the causes of poor voice projection. Drinking some water between shows can help to keep your throat moist. Water plays an important role in keeping all your body tissue hydrated. Like essential oils, water is also a good throat pain relief remedy. It minimizes dryness that can result to cracking and coughing while performing.