Does Your Voice Ever Crack During Singing Lessons or Auditions?

Often times a singer’s voice may crack during singing lessons, auditions or performances. If you suffer from the discomfort of a sore throat and a scratchy voice, then you may be seeking a vocal remedy. Most of the time it is hard to find a reliable vocal spray that really works for performances or long sessions of singing lessons. If you’ve been searching online, you know this to be true.  Well you can stop searching for that elusive remedy, we have it here for you at Clear Voice! By using one our Clear Voice vocal sprays you’ll notice an immediate difference on your way through your next soothing, sweet melody.

Does your singing coach or voice coach ever tell you to drink warm tea or a hot beverage for a scratchy throat? Many uninformed singers are constantly sipping their drinks to keep their throats moist to make them feel better. Clear Voice offers a better solution by making our products available online to our customers. If you take singing lessons, Clear Voice will help you maintain your voice for hitting those high notes time and time again.

If you want that clear voice that all of the pro singers have, then it’s time to use a professional vocal spray. Most singers can never reach that clear, in key sound that makes the whole audience stand up and cheer.

Clear Voice is the best singing spray that helps to enhance your singing performance. It can help diminish scratchy, dry, and irritated vocal cords to allow you to sing your heart out. Clear Voice vocal spray is great for singing lessons, online voice training and professional auditions. Available in assorted flavors. Get yours today!  Clear Voice comes in four great flavors including: strawberry lemonade, fresh mint, honey lemon, and cherry apple.