Maintaining Vocal Health

Other than all the obvious sore throat remedies and tricks in maintaining vocal health, having a bottle of Clear Voice in the guitar case or gig bag to help get you from song to song is a great choice. Sometimes after singing for a few songs there can be a scratchy, dry hoarse, sore throat irritation causing you to have the urge to cough during a song. Drinking water is the obvious remedy to moisturize your throat.  However, Clear Voice vocal spray helps to coat the dry throat and moisturize more thoroughly than water, tea, or all the other tricks used to aid in vocal health.

How can a singer maintain vocal health in the cold days of winter, singing night after night, and recovering from a cold?

During winter time there are more colds, flu’s, and airborne viruses that can stop your singing in their tracks. Nothing can be more stressful than hoping you will recover and get over a cold knowing that you have to perform at a concert only a few days away. Even after the cold symptoms are mostly gone sometimes your hoarse voice can still be sensitive, weak, or not feeling like you are entirely back to your normal amazing singer self. Vocal health is important by taking care of your voice during these times taking extra effort to hydrate, warm up before singing, and allowing yourself to recover.

Clear Voice is the easy solution to walking on stage with confidence. It is easy enough to put a bottle of your favorite flavor in your pocket for such situations where you are not sure if your voice is 100%, or if you still are a little dry, scratchy and cracking. Always be sure to put your vocal health first by warming up, and not going beyond your ability. Spray the fine mist sprayer toward the back for the throat as you warm up your voice to help coat your throat and prepare your voice for the performance of the night!

Clear Voice vocal spray is unlike other sore throat remedies or a dry, hoarse throat remedy. It is a natural, soothing spray for professional and amateur singers alike.